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IT support San AntonioIT support providers in San Antonio understand this fundamental reality about cybercrime: data is the new standard in currency. Where there is lack of supply, demand develops. Supplying data to those in demand of it is a hot market, and cybercriminals are making a killing. Consider how much this data sells for on the dark web, according to Experian:

  • Social Security Numbers = $1
  • Online Payment Services Login Info = $20 – $200
  • Driver’s License = $20
  • Loyalty Accounts = $20
  • Diplomas = $200 – $400
  • United States Passports = $1k – $2k
  • Credit/Debit Card = $5 – $110
  • Logins of a Non-Financial Kind = $1
  • Subscribed Services = $1 – $10
  • Medical Records = $1 – $1k

Security Solutions

IT support providers in San Antonio can help identify vulnerable areas of operation, programming, security, or hardware which may represent access points for cybercriminals. Working with MSPs and consultancies can prove absolutely essential in helping you avoid being compromised.

All the data in the list above is digitally stored. A driver’s license must be printed, but its plastic blueprint is stored in a computer. The same is true for the pages of a passport. If cybercriminals can get the data, they can use the dark web to network with those who have the media which facilitates copies. Unfortunately, many areas keep such data under very slight security. Collegiate institutions are especially vulnerable in terms of diploma fraud. It’s very easy to steal a blueprint and update a database with the name of a student who never attended the campus. This has been on the rise, as a matter of fact. Your business, large or small, represents merely a vein of data mining which will be tapped eventually. Unless, of course, you fortify it.

IT support in San Antonio through ICS can help keep veins of proprietary data properly protected. Contact us for the latest technology solutions in terms of security, as well as cutting-edge innovations and other services designed to reduce expenses and expand profit.