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Houston IT companiesCybercriminals are increasingly becoming sophisticated in the manner in which they are launching and executing their attacks on an organization. Today, it is accurate to assert that these malicious attackers can target any company, whether big or small, and successfully attack the company. Granted, these cybercriminals target or attack companies for different reasons, and as thus, you must work hard to ensure that your IT network and corporate data is protected from these intruders. You can hire the services of cybersecurity professionals from Houston IT companies, who will help you come up with countermeasures aimed at dealing with these hackers.

Types of Cyberattacks You Should Be Wary About

  • Ransomware

If the events of 2017 are anything to go by, then organizations need to up their vigilance levels, especially when it comes to addressing the threats coming from ransomware attacks. Mention WannaCry, and any organization that suffered prey to this ransomware attack will immediately cringe in fear. Ransomware attack works by locking out computer users from accessing their machines until a specified amount of money has been paid to the hackers as ransom. You can counter this by using a data backup and recovery solutions.

  • AI and Machine Learning-Based Attacks

AI and machine learning are the new frontiers in the field of information technology. These technologies can do some amazing things if properly used. However, if these technologies fall into the wrong hands, hackers can use them to further complicate matters for companies that they target. Hackers can use AI and machine learning technology to come up with fake news, meant to mislead and defraud or design smart malware, that can bypass your company’s security countermeasures and infiltrate your corporate network.

  • Connected Devices Attacks

Today, most companies allow their employees to bring their own devices to work. This is a welcome move, considering that it allows employees the flexibility of carrying work home or accessing the corporate network while on the go. Aside from these devices, there is also an increased number of IoT devices that can connect to the internet. Houston IT companies have found that firms which have weak IT security policies.

  • Email compromise scams

Email is one of the official channels of communication that organizations use to send out information to internal and external stakeholders. In this regard, email is viewed as a trusted source of information. Sadly, hackers have found a way to exploit this means of communication and use it to dupe their victims. Hackers can come up with convincing messages, which they send out to employees of companies asking them to either take some action or provide some information. It is commonplace to find these hackers sending out emails with links, redirecting recipients to dummy sites where the hackers get to mine personal information from the victims.

Protecting Your Business

As you have seen above, there are many ways by which cybercriminals can get their hands on your corporate data or infiltrate your corporate network. ICS is one of the leading Houston IT companies that specializes in helping clients stay safe on the Internet. Contact us now and let us help secure your business.