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IT support HoustonSocial engineers have been more aggressive in perpetuating social engineering attacks. Fortunately, IT support providers in Houston are upping their solutions to help thwart such attacks. Whether a social engineering attack is aimed at stealing sensitive information or disrupting your operations, the consequences are far-reaching and could wipe out your business. Therefore, it is essential to have a comprehensive IT security strategy to mitigate social engineering attacks.

With the help of a qualified IT support provider, you can build an efficient cybersecurity strategy to mitigate cyberattacks.

Here are the top methods for improving your defense against social engineering attacks:

Online Situational Awareness

The increasing dependence on the internet for the execution of business processes exposes your business to cybersecurity risks. While you may have strict IT policies and information management procedures, they aren’t foolproof unless your employees stay highly alert.

However, with the complexity of the modern IT environment and high workload, your employees can let their guard down and fail to recognize risks that lead to cybersecurity breaches. Therefore, you must inculcate a mentality of mindfulness when using the internet and develop the skills of identifying security risks to mitigate social engineering attacks.

A specialty IT company can help you implement cybersecurity awareness training aimed at protecting against social engineering attacks. Training your employees on the significance of data security and the appropriate actions in response to social engineering attacks will make your business resilient to such attacks.

Thorough Identity Verification

Although organizational awareness on social engineering attacks is critical to prevent cybersecurity threats, IT support providers in Houston recommend strict adherence to identity verification, too.

Implementing identity verification helps you prevent manipulation by social engineering attempts on your organization. Asking for the verification of a person over the phone to prove that they are who they are claiming to be can help prevent cybersecurity breaches.

For instance, asking for proof through a scan or fax of a work order from someone posing as an agent of a specific vendor will help deter a social engineering attack.

On-Site Security

While social engineering attacks are executed on the internet, the physical access to your computer networks also provides an exploit for a security breach. Implementing strict physical security for your premises is essential in preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing your internal networks.

Deploying a calendar of expected visitors, requiring visitor badges, and escorts will help you verify that only authorized personnel enters your premises.

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