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IT support HoustonThere is a shift in the mindset of business owners when it comes to IT support in Houston. More and more businesses are embracing outsourcing as a means to achieve their cost-cutting goals. Most small and online business owners appreciate the complexities of the business environment and are keen to find ways that enable them to maximize their earnings, reduce cost, and survive in the competitive business environment.

You too can join these businesses that have successfully outsourced their non-core IT functions. However, before you outsource to an IT support service provider, find the answers to these questions:

Do They Have The Skills And Experience You Require?

One of the reasons businesses outsource their IT functions or any other function for that matter is because they lack the in-house skills and experience, so outsourcing is deemed to be the best solution. Before outsourcing, check to see if you have employees with the skills and experience. If yes, then rethink outsourcing; if No, then you have no option but to outsource.

Is IT Your Core Function?

Let’s be honest, not all businesses have IT at their core. If you know IT is not your core function, then there is no need to tie up your human or financial resources, in a non-core function you can easily outsource. If IT is not your core competency, feel free to outsource your IT functions to an IT support provider in Houston.

Will Outsourcing Reduce Costs?

Businesses of all sizes desire to find ways to cut costs and maximize their earnings. You will need to check if outsourcing will be cheaper than having an in-house department. When it comes to IT and in most cases, outsourcing is cheaper than having an in-house IT department handling IT functions.

Having considered the above pointers, it is clear that you need a reliable IT service provider who will be there for you long into the future.

Pre-Hire Checklist For Choosing a Provider

Before hiring a managed service provider (MSP), use this checklist and make sure that they have what you are looking for:

  • Industry experience: Nothing beats experience. You need an MSP that has handled many challenging projects in the past and emerged victoriously. Don’t be swayed by “briefcase MSPs” who quote lowest prices, but do not promise to be there tomorrow.
  • Good reference: Ask around to verify if the company is as good as they appear on paper.
  • Insurance: Make sure your preferred MSP is insured, meaning that losses caused by their mistakes will be covered.
  • Agreeable contract terms: Check if the terms of the contract are flexible and agreeable.


Looking for an MSP? Look no further. ICS is an IT support provider in Houston with the experience and skills needed to offer extensive IT support services to your business. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can help your business achieve its goals.