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Trusted Ransomware Recovery Services In Austin

That sinking feeling when you realize your business has been impacted by ransomware doesn’t have to last. A proactive ransomware strategy can help jump-start your recovery.  

Ransomware is a growing problem for organizations of all sizes, but it can hit small to mid-size businesses particularly hard. When you don’t have access to a deep bench of support professionals, what should be a relatively simple ransomware recovery process can become protracted — costing your company tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity alone. What could be considered a temporary outage can quickly turn into an operational nightmare, as internal IT staff scramble to regain access to business systems and confidential data? This scenario is particularly challenging when you don’t have a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. Fortunately, professional ransomware recovery services in Austin are geared to help corporations get back to business quickly while also defining remediation requirements that will keep your network infrastructure safe in the future.

Steps for Ransomware Recovery Services In Austin

Regaining access to your files and information after a ransomware attack requires taking the proper steps in order, often starting with finding the attack vector. Understanding where the attack originated will help ensure that your systems do not fall victim to the same tactics in the future, while potentially identifying other areas where your security could use remediation. Some companies are tempted to pay the ransom demands, but the FBI recommends against this practice and instead focusing on the recovery of your digital assets. Paying the ransoms helps validate the hackers, facilitating further criminal activity in the future.

Determining the Type of Ransomware Attack

While some ransomware is quite easily distinguishable, you might be faced with an unknown factor or new type of ransomware. There are dozens of known ransomware types. but it’s not unusual to find that your ransomware is slightly different than these popular variants. The good news is that if you can determine which ransomware-type you’re facing, there’s a possibility that you or your ransomware recovery support specialists can find an unlock code. While not a complete necessity, having this information can help speed up the ransomware recovery process. Regardless of the type of ransomware, recovery is much simpler when you have a complete backup that you can quickly access and bring online.

Rapid Recovery and Data Decryption

Regaining access to your data and business systems is the order of the day when it comes to ransomware removal. Once you have determined whether your data is recoverable, engineers are then able to determine the safest and most cost-effective option that will restore your files and systems access. While the goal is to move forward without having to pay the ransom, you will find that the process is smoother when you are working with recovery professionals that have worked through ransomware removal in the past — and lived to tell the tale.

It’s true that ransomware attacks are a growing problem for small to mid-size businesses, with more than 70% of attacks in the past few years targeted at smaller organizations. Don’t let a lack of security stun your company after an attack. Instead, engage the ransomware removal and recovery professionals at ICS Business Technology Services to help you restart your operations and get back up to speed quickly. Fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation or call one of our three locations in Houston, Austin or San Antonio to get started.