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Proactive Ransomware Recovery Services in Houston

Ransomware can have a devastating effect on your organization. Don’t let your business fall prey to cyber attackers — be prepared to defend and quickly resolve data access issues.  

It’s the one call or email that you never want to receive: your company has been hit with a ransomware attack and your business systems or data are completely inaccessible. When this happens, time is of the essence — with each day that passes causing irreparable harm to the reputation of your business and the relationship you have with your customers. While paying the ransom is always an option, the FBI and many IT service providers do not recommend doing so as there are no guarantees that you will receive an unlock code even after you pay the ransom. Instead, work with trusted ransomware recovery services in Houston to regain access to the files that were impacted by the hackers.

Proactive Ransomware Recovery Services in Houston

When your company’s files and business applications are blocked due to a ransomware attack, cybercriminals often require payment in untraceable digital currency, such as Bitcoin. If you’re like most people, you’re probably not familiar with the methods of purchasing Bitcoin or securely providing that information to hackers, which is yet another reason not to pay the ransom! Working with a company that provides proactive ransomware recovery services in Houston helps ensure that you gain quick access to the blocked information while identifying areas for remediation to help guard against future attacks.

Ransomware Recovery Process

When your data or business applications are being held hostage, you could be in a very vulnerable situation — especially if you do not have access to a backup source. Recovering your files may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are not confident about the type of ransomware that is being used or even how to get started. Fortunately, there are technicians in the Houston area that are well-versed on the various types of ransomware and can help step through the removal process with or without the support of your internal IT team. The ransomware recovery process often includes these stages:

  • Our engineers will determine whether your business data can be recovered with an alternative method, as well as advise on the costs associated with data restoration.
  • If there is a data key widely available for your particular ransomware, our technicians will make that determination and apply the appropriate unlock codes.
  • When all else fails, our team will step in and work to secure and negotiate the ransom on behalf of your business. This allows you to maintain a layer of protection between your business and the cybercriminal, so you are not providing them with additional personal information.

Your ransomware recovery team will do everything possible to avoid paying a ransom. Depending on the type of company and how long you are able to survive without access to your data as well as the ransomware variant, sometimes this is the only alternative to regain access to your business data.

Resetting and Remediation

One of the most important steps after a ransomware attack is to research how the attack happened and set processes and tools in place to ensure it cannot happen again. The technical team at ICS is well-qualified to reverse-engineer the attack and determine vulnerabilities, and then create a remediation plan that will tighten security to reduce the possibility of future attacks. Then, we work with your IT and business teams to define a robust cybersecurity strategy that helps protect your vulnerable endpoints, train your staff and enhance your network to add new layers of protection.

Saving your business from the devastating effect of ransomware is priority one for the professionals at ICS. Our team of expert technicians will work quickly to ensure that your business is back online and fully operational as soon as possible after an attack. Contact us at 281-819-5829 for immediate assistance with your ransomware recovery needs. We provide proactive cybersecurity, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes throughout Texas. We are also the top, trusted provider of IT services, telephone systems, video conferencing and other business solutions for companies in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Reach out online via our web form to receive your complimentary initial consultation or to learn more about the services that we offer.