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IT services HoustonRansomware is on a rampage, and corporations are in the crosshairs. With each passing day, more and more corporations are affected by ransomware. The number of ransomware attacks on corporate users soared 600 percent in recent years. This number will only continue to rise across posterity. Ransomware is becoming more effective and advanced as time progresses. It is especially interesting to note that ransomware is currently being sold as a product, as well as a service. Here is a look at the dangers of ransomware in the form of a service as outlined by IT services experts in Houston:

The Threats Posed by Ransomware as a Service

Those who work in the cyber security industry are beginning to think of digital attacks as commodities of sorts that clear the path for the rise of cyber thieves. These digital attackers use the web to market their attacks on the black market. The ransomware buyer decides which organization is to be attacked. The targeted business’s data is encrypted and the data is not returned until the ransom is paid in full, usually through bitcoin.

Criminals use ransomware as a service to generate a consistent stream of revenue without having to do the work required to execute such a digital attack on their own. Furthermore, there is less risk in hiring a ransomware specialist to execute the attack because the cybercriminal does not have to carry out the attack on his or her own. This arrangement is a problem in numerous regards. It is quite concerning to know it is now possible for anyone who has the financial means to purchase a ransomware attack on a target of choice.

Guarding Against Ransomware as a Service

Businesses should be hyper-aware of the fact that ransomware is a legitimate threat. Anyone from an angry ex-employee to a consumer with an ax to grind against a particular business is now a threat. All one needs is enough money to purchase a ransomware attack to wreak havoc on the targeted organization. Aside from heightening awareness, businesses will also benefit by using the proper ransomware solutions. Every organization must safeguard its networks against ransomware if data loss and disruptions are to be avoided.

Invest in Digital Security

The money you spend on antivirus software, network monitoring and other digital safeguards provided by an IT services provider in Houston is well worth it. This technology is essential to identifying and thwarting ransomware, as well as other viruses. After all, there is no sense pouring money into other portions of your business if you cannot protect them.

Back up Your Data

Consistently backing up data is of the utmost importance in the battle against ransomware. Update your files and system with regularity, and a ransomware attack won’t prove as devastating. Ransomware only has power over your organization if you have not backed up your data and have no means of accessing information. A data breach is still certainly possible, yet you will still have all of your files so that the flow of business can resume without significant interruption.

Cyber Education

Those who pay for knowledge and instruction are fond of saying, “If you think education is expensive, try being ignorant.” This statement certainly rings true in the context of cybersecurity. Employees must be aware of ransomware. Furthermore, employees should be aware of strategies to avoid such a potentially ruinous attack.

At ICS, we can help you combat ransomware. Our digital security experts are here to help prevent ransomware attacks. Our IT services in Houston are revered throughout the community for good reason. We help organizations of all sizes and types with digital security, cloud hosting, business phone systems, network evaluations, voice and data cabling and more. Contact us now!