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IT support HoustonOur high-tech world has its merits yet there are some flaws as well. As an example, API data breaches are plaguing the digital world in 2018. Numerous businesses have been impacted by such data breaches in the past couple of years. It is awfully difficult to rebuild a rapport with the public after such a breach. Furthermore, failing to properly store user data has legal consequences. It is particularly helpful to conduct vulnerability testing to pinpoint weaknesses. However, there is no surefire solution to data breaches. Our IT support team in Houston is here to help protect your network and maintain customer trust.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS is an acronym that stands for Distributed Denial of Service. This type of attack is becoming more common with each passing day. It involves several compromised systems attacking a target, spurring a denial of service for additional users. Such an attack is used by an array of groups including individuals, organized hacking rings, and even governments. Our IT consultant in Houston can help you prevent DDoS attacks.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

This style of attack is especially common. Such an attack involves the middleman, the victim, and the system the two interact with. The man-in-the-middle is an individual who attempts to collect the target’s data. However, such an attack will not prove successful unless the target is unaware of the man-in-the-middle. From pilfering browser cookies to eavesdropping on Wi-Fi, hijacking email, DNS spoofs and beyond, there are numerous ways in which man-in-the-middle attacks can be conducted. Our IT support team in Houston is here to help prevent each of these attacks regardless of the form it takes.

Cookie Tampering

Poisoning and tampering with cookies are an attack in which cookies or parts of data within a specific person’s browser are altered in order to skip past security and breach the network. The attacker relies on cookie tampering to obtain access to the target’s account through fake data. As an example, such an individual can trick a server into taking the most recent version of the cookie after modification.

We Can Help You Fight Back

At ICS, combating API data breaches starts with a full network assessment performed by our IT support team in Houston. We will identify vulnerabilities and take the steps necessary to eliminate weaknesses. Keep a complete inventory of APIs to guarantee full protection against subsequent attacks across posterity. Once this inventory is performed, you will be able to create and implement policies to maintain security ranging from employee training for threat identification to authentication, traffic management, and beyond. Contact us to learn more.