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Houston IT companiesOver time, Houston IT companies have come to notice one misconception that most business owners have regarding data backup. Most business owners rest on the false assumptions that backing up their data will keep them operation even in the event of a disaster. The reality is a backup only solves one part of the equation. It is like a flat tire and a spare but no tools to fix the tire back so that your car can move forward.

A data backup only means that you have a copy of your data stored in a certain location. This does not mean that in the event of a disaster you have a way to restore your network back after a data loss or after a network crash.

For example, a network could be down due to a hardware failure. This means that all operations come to a standstill. Not even a backup can get it back to normal. You cannot send emails, access your database, customer information and more until the cause of the problem is addressed.

When Is Backup Enough

If the IT environment is not affected, then you may manage with backup alone. However, if your server is affected, then the information is not useful because you do not have somewhere to load it. Remember that a backup only stores your data. The operating system software applications and settings are not part of it. You need all the software applications to be able to use the data.

Some of the factors that may compromise your IT environment include software corruption, hardware human error, theft, and natural disasters such as fire and floods. These disasters usually compromise the entire IT environment along with the data. Restoring this data is rendered useless if you do not have a disaster recovery plan.

Data backup can never be enough without a BDR plan. It is only the beginning. To ensure business continuity even in the face of a disaster, you need to consult with Houston IT companies to institute a proper disaster recovery plan.

The Essentials of Having a Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Make a Plan of Preparedness

Ensure that you are well prepared in case a disaster hits your office. Have a solid plan on where you can acquire hardware, internet accessibility and even a makeshift office space. The bottom line is being able to function as normal.

2. Onsite Server Virtualization

Virtualization is something is something that can get your business up and running within a very short time. This involved a secondary server, which makes copies of everything on your main server. It can then be used in case the main server fails. With virtualization, within less than 30 minutes everything is back online business goes on as usual.

3. Offsite Virtualization

You can have the operating system of your server, data, settings, and programs sent to an offsite location daily. Even if a fire reduces your office down to ashes, you will get everything back on track within a short time.

Collaborate with Houston IT companies like ICS to take you through data recovery. We can help you set up a proper BDR plan. Contact us to learn more about data protection beyond backup.