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IT services HoustonSmall and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are moving toward outsourcing cybersecurity in droves. Cyber attacks are on the upswing and the average SMB is not equipped with the digital security protection, knowledge, and personnel necessary to thwart these ever-growing threats. Nowadays, IT services experts in Houston help SMBs to bolster their digital defense and prevent potentially devastating attacks.

SMBs Are Legitimate Targets

There is a common misconception that SMBs are not being targeted at the same frequency as large businesses. The truth is, cyber attacks on SMBs are on the upswing, partially because these groups tend to lack adequate digital security safeguards. The average small business owner or manager tends to assume that his or her business does not have especially valuable data. This is an incorrect assumption, especially considering the fact that a ransomware attack can paralyze the entire business until the hacker is paid in bitcoin.

As long as you are dependent on your data and computers for your business to function, hackers will look for ways to launch an attack. The bottom line is— businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology as time progresses. However, an IT services provider in Houston can help you implement the latest digital protections to preserve the integrity of your data.

Cybersecurity is Not a DIY Project

The typical SMB owner or manager has plenty to do. From hiring new employees to securing relationships with new clients, research and development, payroll and beyond, there is simply too much to do. There is no reason to add the challenge of cybersecurity when there is too much to handle outside of digital security concerns. Furthermore, the average SMB does not have the resources to employ full-time IT workers who are salaried with benefits. It is much easier and cheaper to outsource the work to the experts. Lean on the tech gurus at a managed security service provider (MSSP), and your business will enjoy access to cutting-edge technology, savvy digital security experts, and prices that do not paralyze your business.

Outsource Your Cybersecurity to Prepare for the Worst

Though it is impossible to fully secure a network and data 100 percent of the time, an alliance with the cybersecurity aficionados will help your business prepare for harsh digital attacks. Ample preparation drastically reduces the chances of a data breach. There is no shame in admitting your business is not prepared for a digital breach or does not know how to recover from such an attack. Ask for assistance from the cybersecurity experts, and you will rest easy, knowing your business is well-prepared for digital attacks of all types.

Outsource your cybersecurity to our IT services team in Houston, and we will protect your valuable data. Contact us now at ICS for more information about cybersecurity.