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managed IT services San AntonioManaged IT services companies in San Antonio can provide several means of operational protection for your business against hacks. Several pillars of this modern security solution include proactive monitoring and support, 24/7 availability, antivirus and anti-malware protocols, as well as strong firewalls that are continuously updated. Patches are also regularly applied as a means of bandaging vulnerabilities. Many businesses benefit from such solutions, but oftentimes there are operations which persist long after they’ve been compromised without realizing it.

It can be difficult to tell whether you’ve been impacted by some cybercriminal elements. Then again, sometimes it’s all too obvious. This will differ pertaining to the kind of business you have and the kind of hacking that is compromising operations. With that in mind, the following are several signs you can look for which may indicate a breach:

Issues Logging In

Managed IT services providers in San Antonio often offer carefully-orchestrated password protection programs in order to help prevent login issues. If someone has hacked your system, they may have changed the password. Granted, you may have forgotten it; but a change may also have taken place. If you’ve got password management protocols in place through the right tech provider, as soon as there’s an issue, you can reset the password. Additionally, you decrease the likelihood of being compromised, as the password’s continual fluctuation helps you avoid it.

Odd Computational Behavior

Sometimes, a virus induces pop-ups. Sometimes your desktop looks “different”, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Whenever you notice something that has a certain indefinable uncanny nature, you may want to consider the possibility of a breach.

Sluggish Network Operations

Hackers are either stealing information, exploiting your network, or something else profitable at your expense. They will tax your network. Whether that taxation comes through inefficient malware or exploitation of your processing power, you’re likely to see things slow down. This is a big sign something cybercriminal is transpiring.

Login Activity Which is Outside the Norm

If you start seeing a spate of logins at three in the morning, it’s likely some foreign blackhat group has hacked you. Keep an eye on login patterns and contact those logging in if they’re doing so in an anomalous way.

Managed IT services in San Antonio through ICS can use refined strategies to identify hackers. Additionally, they can help monitor operations and ensure your business isn’t compromised. For more dependable security across your network, please feel free to contact us.