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IT services HoustonIT services providers in Houston can offer both local and non-local tech solutions for your business. For some operations, it’s fundamental to have local servers. Though many areas of operation may be outsourced to the cloud, there are some which must remain local to your business. But maintaining on-site servers can be costly, and you’ve got to learn how to properly pace maintenance, as well as replacement. Following are several signs it may be time for you to replace your servers or see if some new cloud innovation can properly do their job. These signs include:

  • Over three years’ usage
  • Expired warranties
  • Sometimes unpredictable and increasingly unstable operations
  • The storage needs of your business have increased


IT services providers in Houston often recommend upgrading servers at least every five years, three being the preferred interval. In accordance with Moore’s Law, technology doubles it’s processing power roughly every eighteen months. Since his observation, the law has held consistently. Which means it takes about three years for any iteration of tech to reach its zenith and begin to decline.

Competitive recommendations predicate changing your servers at this point, provided you intend to have access to proper competitive solutions and have operations which intensively use the tech. If you’ve got servers working well enough, and you don’t need to use them so intensively, perhaps five years can be regularly achieved. It will differ per business.

Expired Warranties

Repair, maintenance, patching, and backup costs can be high. Warranties are good for many of your ongoing server needs. However, once those warranties expire you can find yourself in a dangerous place without support. Expired warranties are a solid indicator that it’s time for new servers.

Fluctuating Operational Quality

With a personal computer, one reason pirate programs like BitTorrent would cause crashes had to do with fragmented hard drives. Another had to do with viruses; but even if you avoid those, when downloading many files quickly, the way they’re stored on many computers will increase the complication of accomplishing simple computing tasks. The same kind of problems exist with server arrays. Though they’re designed for the usage they endure, over time it takes a toll, and even proper maintenance can’t forestall the inevitable. You’ll notice your network starts tripping up, and this is a clear sign to replace servers.

Storage Needs

Data requirements have been expanding at an exponential rate as well. You can likely fit the whole library of games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on your smartphone, and it won’t max it out. But a single modern game would take up as much space as that entire “classic” gaming library. As your business expands, you’ll need more storage, because computer development predicates more complicated operations. If your servers don’t have it, it’s time to upgrade.

IT services in Houston through ICS can help you identify if your servers need to be upgraded. Contact us for top-tier technology solutions designed around your IT needs.