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Working From Home Technology Survey

As you begin to transition your staff to work from home, we are all learning how to adapt to this new environment. We would like to give some guidance as to collaborating effectively in a remote setup.

Our support staff is presently working from home in full capacity and using these tools, so we figured we would share so we can all collaboratively get through this together. 

Yes! I would like to know how to transition my staff to work from home.

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Use the survey we’ve compiled to see where you are stacking up.

If you need assistance with any planning or issues working from home, e-mail sales@ics-com.net or call (281) 962-3058. We will be extending our on-call support staff after-hours to assist with any overflow issues setting up equipment, connecting to VPN or any other IT support need you may require.

COVID-19 Working From Home Technology Survey

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Does your remote staff have multi-monitors setup?
If you are sending staff home with a VoIP Phone, do you have a power adapter or PoE Injector?
Does your staff need WiFi Adapters in order to hook up their computer or VoIP Phone?
Do you have an internal office instant messaging system and video chat?
Does your remote staff have a web cam?
Are your coordinating daily short checkins with various teams so everyone still has the sense of physical presence?
Do you have emergency contacts for all of your staff (spouse, next of kin, roommate, etc.)?
Are you employing employee productivity monitoring for employees working from home?
Have you surveyed your employees to see if they're experiencing any difficulty or perfomance issues working from home?
Have you surveyed your employees to see if they are the primary childcare for their household?
Have you discussed an agenda to review and audit remote access after a certain date?
Have you validated your new remote access solutions are employing multi-factor authentication for security?