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For major cities in the United States, the widespread proliferation of Internet access has brought with it new threats and new security concerns. Unfortunately, existing laws still do not cover these threats sufficiently and with each new cyber attack, businesses in San Antonio become more at risk.

As a way to protect against these threats, many advisors are recommending that companies start to hire some sort of San Antonio managed IT service, that can help them keep their computers and servers up to date with the latest anti-virus software. This seems to be an effective measure; as reported by a recent study, 97% of businesses, surveyed in Texas, that employed a managed IT service or IT consultant, had never suffered from a cyber related threat.< br />
Hackers do not just target business though, they also target government agencies and non-profit organizations, a panel of experts told an audience at the Empire Theater in downtown San Antonio. The debate, titled “Our Growing Lives Online: Safe or Not?”, was part of the Texas Lyceum conference, which is focused on cyber-security.

San Antonio is the location of the U.S. Air Force’s cyber command base, making it one of the most important targets for potential cyber-terrorists. The panel of the Texas Lyceum conference, featured experts such as Ari Schwartz, vice president and COO for the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Nicole Beebe, who is an assistant professor of Information Systems at the University of Texas at San Antonio, also stated that there are some simple measures, such as updating virus protection, which help businesses protect against cyber attacks. However, the panel also warned that the threat of cyber attacks is growing faster than many anti-virus tools are keeping up and that’s why it’s more important to have a managed IT service that can find the very best and up to date software to protect you.

The debate, moderated by San Antonio Express-News Editor Robert Rivard, will be broadcast statewide on public television. Sources also report that there may be a special video conferencing link from other experts from around the country, however those keynote speakers have yet to be announced. Be sure to catch this special production and start ensuring that your business is protected in the new era of technological threats.

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