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Secure And Efficient Enterprise Phone System

VoIP systems have radically transformed the way businesses operate. Company owners can now answer calls remotely, send text messages and faxes via the internet, hold conference calls and video calls with ease, and much more. However, not every single VoIP system will offer the important benefits your business needs to succeed. What’s more, many enterprise phone systems are vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

What should a business look for in a top-tier enterprise phone system? The following are some criteria to bear in mind when selecting a phone service for your business.

Business Phone Systems

Does it Work Well with Encryption?

A very effective way to protect VoIP calls from hackers is to use a VPN or VLAN. Before investing in a VoIP system, make sure that it will work well with an encrypted connection. Some VPNs can’t handle the additional load, resulting in call degradation that makes it difficult if not impossible to communicate clearly.

Can Your Employees Use it Easily and Securely?

An eye-popping 47% of business owners say they have suffered a data breach due to employee error. If your staff members will be using a VoIP phone service, you’ll want to make sure that they can easily adhere to security protocols to protect your business from bad actors.

Can you Get Good Support for the System?

VoIP systems, like computers and smartphones, need regular updates installed to address vulnerabilities that could lead to a cyberattack. If your IT department isn’t prepared to take on the extra work, outsourcing cyber security and compliance services for your VoIP devices is likely a wise idea.

It’s best to have your VoIP installed by the same IT company that will handle cybersecurity monitoring for your firm. Many IT companies partner with top-tier VoIP service providers and so can not only recommend a particular company to suit your needs but even install the systems and teach your employees how to use them properly.

Does the VoIP System Meet Your Current and Future Needs?

Cybersecurity is imperative but it’s not the only consideration you’ll need to take into account. Your VoIP system should have the features and amenities your business needs both now and in the future. Consider your future business goals and plans to avoid the hassle and expense of having to switch over to a new VoIP system a few years down the line.

Introducing ICS

ICS is a Texas-based IT managed service that offers enterprise IT services in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The company offers cutting-edge, flexible VoIP phone systems that can be customized to suit your needs at any given time. These systems are more sophisticated than consumer VoIP services and offer all the options and features you need to stay ahead of the competition and offer customers the top-tier service they need and deserve. Additionally, ICS also provides cybersecurity services to keep your entire network safe from cyberattacks. These include VPN services, next-generation firewall software, system updates and patch management, mobile device security, and much more.

VoIP services have much to offer any business. They can cut operational costs by up to 75%, lower local call bills by 40%, and reduce international calling costs by a whopping 90%. Sadly, these systems are also vulnerable to hacks if they aren’t properly installed and used. One of the best ways to protect your VoIP system is by outsourcing cybersecurity and compliance services to an experienced, trustworthy IT managed service and ICS is an ideal option for Texas business owners looking for experienced, efficient service and assistance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our VoIP systems and/or other services, or to make an appointment at your convenience.