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IT support HoustonThe Internet of Things (IoT) can be found in a wide variety of items. Many companies use IoT technology on a daily basis, but it is important to stay informed on how to keep your organization from suffering through any cyber attacks. IT support experts in Houston suggest three things to keep in mind when protecting your company from security vulnerabilities in IoT applications:

1. Additional Staff Training

One of the most powerful ways to protect your company is by providing additional training regarding the use of IoT technology. An IT provider can offer regular training sessions to ensure all employees are well informed on how to stay safe and protected from the constant threat of cyber attacks. It is also a good idea to limit employee access to critical areas. As you know, the less data an employee has access to, the lower their risk of causing hours of downtime through a cybersecurity issue is – a managed service provider (MSP) can ensure each employee remains in compliance.

2. Enforce Company Policies

Each organization has specific rules and regulations. However, a company should also create a separate policy regarding the use of IoT technology. For example, each device may undergo stringent security tests and no one can use their own device without informing your IT staff. For this, an IT support provider in Houston can help you design policies to protect your company and limit damage from external threats.

3. Set Strong Passwords

It is always a good idea to set passwords on each device that uses IoT technology. Failure to establish passwords can result in devastating consequences and cause an organization to lose valuable data. Each password should consist of multiple lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols while being at least eight characters in length. Using common words or plain text passwords is worthless, as these can be easily guessed through brute-force attacks. An IT provider can help provide guidelines for employees to create effective passwords that cannot be easily guessed by a human or a computer.

An IT support provider in Houston can help your organization remain safe and secure with IoT technology. IoT technology is increasingly popular and found in many different areas within a workplace. Understanding the risks and safeguards can help ensure your business is well protected at all times. ICS is an IT provider that helps businesses of all sizes take advantage of IoT technology while enforcing company policies to ensure your business is always secure. We also provide additional training sessions to educate employees on the benefits and risks of using IoT technology. If you wish to learn more about safe practices regarding the use of IoT technology, you can contact us now! We will be happy to answer any questions.