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managed services San AntonioManaged services providers in San Antonio are often going to recommend certain practices in reference to security as a means of maximizing your business’s reliability in operations. In order to most comprehensively secure your business, a great place to start is with a security assessment. You want to get the most out of that assessment possible, and that means focusing on the right areas of operations. Three primary regions which you would be well-advised to focus on in this regard include:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities and associated verification
  • The pen test
  • Comprehensive vulnerability analysis

Scanning for Vulnerabilities, and Associated Verification

Managed services providers in San Antonio will often first suggest that your system be scanned for vulnerabilities to determine where easily-identifiable problems persist. However, it’s not just enough to scan for them. There will necessarily be results from the scan that aren’t accurate because computers just do what we tell them; the singularity has yet to facilitate prescient self-consciousness requisite to eliminate false positives! So, what you need to do is verify whatever scanning output reveals. MSPs can help you do this with greater accuracy.

The Pen Test

“Pen test” is short for “penetration test”, which is pretty much what it sounds like. An MSP will send a security expert to break into your system and see where vulnerabilities lie that may not be visible from other perspectives. Make no mistake; there is no such thing as total system security. However, you can get closer to it with the right MSP.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis

A comprehensive vulnerability analysis will take into account software considerations; it will also take hardware into account. For example, do you use multiple operating systems throughout your network? Do you have “legacy” software/hardware in place which requires special emulation programs to utilize? Sometimes, this is unavoidable–especially with larger businesses, the cost of transition directly can have enough collateral expense associated with it that it’s better to just maintain a legacy system nigh-indefinitely. This won’t be the case with every operation, but sometimes it will, and that can leave a business open to intrusion or system degradation. The right MSP can help you see where there are vulnerabilities from any angle.

Sometimes, a vulnerability can even be built into the system–that was the case with 2017’s WannaCry attack, where a North Korean ransomware worm entered through SMB ports and held systems for ransom. Proper patching and tech world savvy can prevent fallout from such threats.

Securing Your Business

Managed services in San Antonio from ICS can help you identify areas of operational vulnerability and fortify them. Contact us now to learn more about today’s security needs.