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Want To Stop Worrying (Or Even Thinking) About Your Servers?

  • Are you tired of dealing with your servers?
  • Wouldn’t you rather that your IT team focuses on more important projects instead of maintaining your server closet?
  • Are you unsure that your remote server support team is doing their job?

Let me guess – you’re reading this webpage, so you’re probably looking for help with your servers. I don’t blame you.

Maintaining and updating servers is a difficult task, especially for medium and small businesses. It requires constant maintenance and monitoring, and even then, it quickly becomes outdated.

Managing proper support and upgrading hardware is costly and complicated, so why not outsource the entire process?

ICS offers server management services both for businesses with onsite server closets, and those relying on servers through the cloud. Get in touch with our team to discover what direct server support, both onsite and in the cloud, will do for your productivity.

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Server Management

ICS Helps You Manage Your Cloud & On-Premise Servers…  

IT server management services encompass everything you need to manage your cloud and on-premise servers and make sure it is up and running correctly around-the-clock.


What Does Our Onsite And Cloud Server Support Mean For You?

In addition to taking server management off your workload, you’ll enjoy a range of additional benefits:

  • Downtime response: Skilled engineers respond to outage events to minimize the impact.
  • OS patches and updates: Fully verified and tested policy-based patching and vulnerability updates.
  • Health monitoring: Proactive health monitoring of critical servers to ensure maximum availability and performance of your business systems.
  • Service monitoring: Granular service-level monitoring of critical application services to ensure service delivery.

Server optimization: Optimize servers for ideal performance and reliability based on published best practices guidelines.


Server Management In Austin
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Contact Us For Responsive Onsite And Cloud Server Support

Don’t let server management and upgrades be that one task you hate, but still put up with — you don’t have to. Our team is available to manage your day-to-day server operations. 

We will make sure your systems are updated, backed up, and performing optimally. This will reduce downtime, as our team monitors your server health, and eliminates performance problems by applying critical updates to protect from software bugs or security issues that impact your services.

The bottom line is that whether you take care of your servers or not is up to you — pass off the workload to our team:

  1. Book a meeting with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Find out how simple your work life will become when you don’t have to think about servers anymore.
  3. Enjoy the extra free time and resources you get by offloading server management to our expert team.