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IT services San AntonioIf it has been awhile since you evaluated your IT services in San Antonio, it may be time to make sure you are dealing with a modern provider. Many IT firms reach a plateau in development and do not keep up with technology for their clients. Here are signs you should look out for that indicate you need better IT support.

Too Much Downtime

The best IT services providers in San Antonio will make sure your company has minimal downtime, especially during business hours. While every business may experience occasional downtime, ideally it will be close to zero, depending on your equipment, provider, and staff. Providers that have become complacent may not realize that downtime is a reflection on their own reputation. There are modern solutions to limit downtimes, such as virtualization and multiple backup servers. If your provider is unaware of these solutions, it is definitely time to shop around.

Slow Computers and Connections

Many businesses fall into the trap of defending old computers for budget reasons. However, at some point infrastructure components such as servers will get outdated and need to be replaced. Many times new applications do not even run on an old operating system. Slow internet connection can slow down workflows and productivity. Your IT team needs to be able to fix internet issues quickly to avoid any possible work disruptions.

Too Many Glitches

Sometimes companies will tolerate a certain level of mediocrity involving IT and come up with “workaround solutions.” There is no reason why you should stack up problems that prevent you from doing normal business. If your email is not working properly, applications cannot be accessed remotely, or sending files is sluggish, you need to either have a thorough talk with your head of IT or find a new support team.

Lack of Communication

Clear communication with your IT personnel is important since you may not completely understand all the jargon to describe a problem. An experienced IT professional understands that clients do not necessarily have a wide vocabulary for technical terms. In that sense, IT people have to work as interpreters of technical issues to reach a common ground with clients. The most helpful IT professionals are those who also have business knowledge and have an interest in the goals of the company they are helping.

No Sense of Innovation

One of the clearest signs that an IT support team is not keeping up with new technology is that they have not made any changes to the infrastructure or architecture in several years. Modern providers offer hybrid cloud solutions, which open doors to greater savings and efficiency. If your IT firm’s solution to backup and recovery is old magnetic tapes, it means it may take a while to restore your data in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, if your only layer of data protection is an antivirus software, it is definitely time for an upgrade in your security.

After evaluating your IT services in San Antonio, you may find that your current provider is not meeting your needs and demands. Contact ICS to learn more about how we can bring your business up to date. We develop long-term relationships and care about making your business more reliable, secure, and efficient.