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Spring TX Business Turned To ICS For IT Outsourcing Services

When local project management and the consulting firm needed help with IT, they called in for a consultation with ICS.

The company was looking for third-tier support, i.e., escalation services, when their IT staff needed specialty expertise and assistance beyond their day to day IT services.

Spring TX Business Turned To ICS For IT Outsourcing Services

Tiers of IT Support

The consulting firm was using Zoom for its phone and video conferencing systems, Microsoft Office 365 for business applications like email, and two public cloud hosting solutions.

Because of the technical expertise already on the payroll, this firm was looking for specialists that could assist with the toughest technical challenges.

Levels of IT Support Explained

Generally, IT support is offered at three levels:

  • Tier 1, aka help desk services, provides basic user services, including password resets, assists with connection challenges, and provides generalized support that most often corrects the user’s problem. Tier 1 support will handle the majority of calls from computer users.
  • Tier 2, aka help desk support, provides in-depth technical support for users. This type of support is provided by technicians familiar with software platforms and networking set-ups but probably not in development or programming.
  • Tier 3, aka help desk escalations, is provided by product and process specialists. These staffers have the means to perform advanced diagnostics and give highly detailed and specific advice. Tier 3 technicians require more training and handle only the highest priority needs.

Rethinking Software Selections

One of the client’s concerns could have been their reliance on Zoom, a video conferencing tool that has become a household name since the global pandemic of COVID-19 sent hundreds or thousands of workers to home offices.

Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed as the global pandemic created an instant need for video conferencing connections. But along with it came a pile-on of criticism. Now the company is facing a lawsuit and is barred by some public and private entities.

Plenty of alternatives exist and provide buttoned-up security and privacy, including Microsoft Teams, which integrates seamlessly with Office 365.

As companies plan to return to office work in some form, applications, servicing, and an expectation for long-term hybrid work environments will be key challenges.

Call the Experts at ICS for Outsourced IT Services

Founded in 1981, ICS provides high-quality managed IT services, VoIP phone systems, data and voice cabling, video conferencing, and video surveillance solutions for businesses in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio markets.

ICS is committed to establishing and maintaining a dynamic partnership with every client. Our experience in vast areas of technology and customer service allows our team to understand our clients’ unique technology needs, developing and implementing solutions quickly and effectively.

For IT expertise in the San Antonio, Houston, and Austin areas, call 833-568-9353 or contact us on our website. Managed IT Services and cloud computing from ICS will give your business the edge it needs to grow.