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IT services San AntonioIT services experts in San Antonio can assure you cloud computing is NOT a fad. Companies, big and small, have adopted this computing model and more are following. It offers benefits that the more traditional models don’t offer. It’s not going away.

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs

Many businesses that have made the move report saving money in different ways:

  • They had lower infrastructure costs because they didn’t need the space dedicated to more servers
  • They reduced their IT staff costs because they just didn’t need as many people
  • They reduced their power and cooling costs because they weren’t running big servers

Another benefit, less reported than reduced costs, is an increase in productivity. According to IT services experts in San Antonio, this happens in several ways:

  • Company data is available worldwide, meaning people can work from anywhere
  • Collaboration tools, integral to the cloud, make it easier to communicate with co-workers and clients
  • Downtime is minimized due to built-in redundancy. If a cloud server goes down, it automatically fails over to its backup
  • With fewer IT assets onsite, the complexity of the IT environment is greatly reduced, giving IT staff time for more productive tasks

Greater Elasticity and Better Scalability

Some industries have peak seasons, followed by far less active times. For example, during tax season, accountants work long weeks and usually bring on temporary help to get through the season. After the work dies down, they go back to normal operations.

A traditional IT model would have the accounting firm buying servers and desktops to handle their peak season. That’s great for those four months, but for the rest of the year, that hardware just collects dust.

Cloud computing is the better alternative. The accountant pays for additional users to use cloud services for the peak months. Then, when the season ends, the firm goes back to paying for normal operations.

The same concept works when a business expands. As you add new employees or open new branches, you increase your use of cloud computing services accordingly.

Security Concerns

The biggest reason why some businesses refuse to move to the cloud computing model is due to security concerns. That thinking comes from the early days when security technology was struggling to address the new security threats that cloud computing brought. Today, the technology protecting cloud computing is as good as what you can deploy onsite.

So, to sum up, cloud computing is not a fad. It’s not going away. If you want to learn more, contact us at ICS. We are the IT services experts in San Antonio companies rely on.