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For any law firm, time is money – billable hours need to be maximized and used efficiently. You can’t afford to have your IT slowing you down.

Technology Law Firms

Downtime caused by your technology not performing as it should isn’t just frustrating – it’s a liability. Whether it’s slowing you down or halting your productivity in its tracks, inefficient or problematic technology wreaks havoc on your team and damages your ability to serve your clients effectively. At the end of the day, you have a ton of wasted billable hours and an IT infrastructure that isn’t giving you what you need.

And when you’re counting on a single internal IT person to handle your technology? The problems are simply going to continue to pile up.

Modern networks are complex, needing to support and accommodate not just the devices and software used in your office, but the applications and devices that allow your team to work from anywhere their cases require them to be. It’s more than a lone IT person or hourly IT contractor can manage effectively.

Managed Legal IT Services Can Pick Up The Slack

The biggest challenge facing today’s law firms is the sheer number of moving parts that make up your IT infrastructure. In order for your technology to operate smoothly, all of those parts need to be kept moving, and kept moving in the same direction. This is where the proactive, hands-on approach of a managed IT provider can make a major difference. Having professionals that are familiar with your entire infrastructure taking care of your technology allows for technicians to correct repetitive issues and keep disruptions from happening in the first place.

Legal IT providers like ICS focus on maximizing your uptime and productivity by monitoring your technology around the clock rather than waiting for something to wrong. We know that the best way for you to make the most of your billable hours is to simply have the ability to work uninterrupted. Whether that requires a few minor changes or updates to your existing infrastructure, or something more extensive, depends on your firm.

How Can I Know If My IT Is Working Against Me?

The best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t is to have IT professionals with experience in legal IT come in and assess your network and infrastructure. This assessment will reveal problem areas, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies in your technology that need to be addressed.

Why Can’t My Current Provider Do This For Me?

If you’re already partnered with an IT provider, having them review your technology to see where improvements can be made is always an option. But a second opinion never hurts – especially when it won’t cost your firm a dime.

Even if you’re not losing out on billable hours due to downtime and disruptions, you may be curious as to what changes could be made to your technology to get even more out of your workday. Regardless of the answers you’re looking for, a complimentary IT assessment from ICS can provide them to you.

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