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Teleconferencing experience has been upgraded to higher qualify by LifeSize with its advancement in technology known as the LifeSize® Phone™. This product allows for high definition audio, high quality teleconferencing and superior room coverage, ridding of the ever familiar static that has been dubbed the “BlackBerry buzz.” It can be used alone or with LifeSize’s various video systems. Best of all, it allows for three-way conference calls for added convenience.

The high definition audio is made possible due to the use of MP4 AAC algorithms in audio projection that are also found in iTunes and the iPod. With this advancement in audio, everyone in the room can hear the voices projected with clarity and without unintelligible interference, allowing those conference calls to become more and more productive.

Sixteen microphones are involved in a patent-pending room coverage that is both precise and complete, making for a very pleasant conference experience unlike any other. Other conference systems use directional microphones that need to be positioned in a certain way in order to properly pick up and project a voice and only can activate one microphone at a time. With the LifeSize® Phone™, all sixteen of these microphones are not only arranged in a circular manner but can pick up voices anywhere in the room. As an added bonus, all sixteen of those microphones are on simultaneously.

At Innovative Communication Systems, the LifeSize® Phone™ is sold, supported and highly recommended for all conference needs. Hear everyone in the conversation without missing out on important data or figures, helping ensure the right decisions can be made right away.

For more information about the LifeSize® Phone™ or for pricing information please call our sales department at 1-281-819-5829.