“Answered questions in a timely and accurate manner. Thank you.””


“Fast at fixing the problem with my computer.! THANKS””


“ Our drive for great service is the reason our customers keep coming back. We care what our customers think of us. ”

Our IT Support & IT Services Testimonials From Houston, San Antonio & Austin

“Taha, thanks for correcting the issue I was having.”


“ Taha really goes above and beyond for AZA! ”


“ Good job dude! ”


“ Great help ”


“ Taha is always friendly, quick to help when needed. Thanks for fixing my computer issues! ”


“ Always happy with Taha's work! Awesome job! ”


“ Taha always does an exceptional job!!! Always courteous, polite and very professional! We simply love this guy!!! ”


“ Taha was very helpful and responsive in setting up my new laptop. He helped resolve all issues that I had. ”


“ I really like having Taha come out and work with us he is very nice, and he is a very helpful tech. ”


“ Awesome job as usual! ”


“ Where most people need to be with their IT departments. They just don't understand the process and prefer to buy their way out of the trouble they've created, more equipment, more applications. Some dealers pray on the ignorance portrayed by the manager's of company's that just don't get it or are clueless to the process. Casting off those issues they have takes the simplicity of a video to bring that home. Allowing people that know process brings peace of mind to those truly interested in solving those issues ”


“ Great service! ”


“ Thanks Taha for such a great job helping me with the download and the clock problem :) ”


“ Thanks for staying on MITEL to get the issue with our Teleworker server resolved. This effects lots of users on our end and we really appreciate it. ”


“ Fast at fixing the problem with my computer.! THANKS ”


“ Taha always gives me an explanation as to what is happening, why it happens and how to "fix" it on my own. His information and skills are so necessary for me and my job. ”


“ Quickly solved my issue with the disappearing ShareFile. ”


“ Very please with Charlie's service. Thank you ”


“ Gordon stuck with the problem and tried different approaches until it was fixed. Thanks! ”


“ You are awesome Isaac thanks for your help. You never let down and always come up with a solution ”


“ This is another ICS WOW!! ”


“ Always prompt to answer my emails. Information is always correct the first time. Really appreciate being able to contact Mike for assistance. ”


“ Who can not be happy when dealing with Catherine? She turns a complaint - into pleasure! Truly a happy camper - and a treat to talk to .... the world needs more of her! W.O.W. .. a Woman of Wonder! ”


“ Thank you Gordon! I always appreciate your help! Kim ”


“ Melissa is has been very helpful and knowledgeable through out this process. ”


“ Thank you Ashley!!! ”


“ Thanks for expediting this, it was really important. ”


“ Always helpful ”


“ Super fast response -- many thanks! ”


“ Gordon was excellent help and very supportive of my connection problem this morning. I had made a mistake in how I loaded team viewer last week, and it kicked me off this morning. Gordon was able to guide me through re-installing the application so that I can work from home. I appreciate his patient help with my problem. ”


“ Great!! thank you !!! especially on the time and date on the phones because every single time the lights flicker or go out resets the time and date and that's so annoying!! ”


“ He helped me in every step I needed help. Thank you so much! ”


“ Tech was pleasant, friendly and courteous. He took care of my printer problem and we tested it. He also advised me on the other printer issue that I would need to contact ONCU to have the software loaded to my laptop. Have a wonderful day. ”


“ Joseph is a great rep, he always assist in a timely manner. ”


“ Quickly fixed the issue. I originally called for someone else and he took charge of the situation and dealt with it immediately. very polite and respectful of my time. ”

Kate Biasiolli

“ Answered questions in a timely and accurate manner. Thank you ”


“ Taha, did a fantastic job getting my new equipment up & running. Although he ran into a few challenges due to the Swagelok systems being on older versions and we were trying to get them to work on a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. He was determined to resolve every issue and make sure I was comfortable with the equipment & how to access everything I needed to do my job. He is very good at what he does, with a great attitude. I really enjoyed working with him. ”


“Happy Happy Happy ”


“ Gordon was able to solve my issue and explained what was going on. His help was perfect. GENERAL COMMENTS (not related to this ticket) The office needs some help with changes. When can we schedule an office meeting to learn more about the email program and the Shared Folders for transaction management and the ICS icons on each of the computers. ”


“ Thank you for responding. Just to know you are listening is so encouraging. We have been extremely busy for the last few months on going through major "changes" in our systems. It appears we are always in the "change" mode. This month we are changing the way we are doing business with RE/MAX of Texas and RE/MAX International as well. ”


“ Awesome service ”


“ Taha is always so helpful and so nice!! ”


“ Awesome as always. ”


“ Taha is always a pleasure to work with. ”


“ Taha is wonderful and very knowledgeable. ”


“ Hi Mike, Thank you again for resolving so many of our issues yesterday and for straightening out my phone. I really appreciate all of your help and how kindly and efficiently you fixed everything. ”