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IT support HoustonIs your business looking for IT support in Houston? Computing systems have evolved in recent years, and these days, you can find many benefits when switching to thin client systems.

Though foreign to some, thin client computing has been a staple of IT for decades. Since the 1970s, businesses seeking efficient systems have turned to thin clients. While once weaker than bulkier choices, today’s systems have all the power of a desktop. They have that power without any of the stress. Thanks to cloud computing, switching to thin client IT solutions has never been easier.

Thin Clients Secure Your Sensitive Data

Thin client computers lead in security standards for IT support in Houston. Unlike computers with hard drives, thin client systems store data on offsite servers. When you store your data on a dedicated server, you lower the risk of accidental loss. For added security, no data gets saved to the terminal— all information writes directly to the server.

Data security matters, but thin clients protect more than that. Streamlining processes means maintaining the safety of your terminals. Thin client computers avoid the introduction of viruses and other harmful software.

Using Thin Clients Increases Your Efficiency

By choosing the thin client computing solution, you streamline your business processes. Saving your information on a dedicated server sets up a backup plan. You don’t need to carry around personal storage devices or laptops to access your information. You know that you have access to all your information whenever and wherever you need it. Files and data don’t tether you to one place.

The limited maintenance needed for these systems also increases your efficiency. Having fewer parts means that setup and repairs take less time than with a desktop PC. A simplified process means you don’t need a specialist to get you up and running. You save money on installation and repair costs— money that you can reinvest in other parts of your business.

Thin Clients Simplify Your Workflow

Adopting thin client computing systems simplifies your IT management tasks. You can access centralized information centers from anywhere. Is your company using desktops, laptops, or tablets? Thin client systems back up that information and store it in one location. Dedicated servers keep a record of everything happening in your network; that means you can collaborate whenever needed.

Cloud storage installs redirect your IT personnel. The systems are so easy that most thin clients don’t need tech support to set up. No longer does your technical staff need to work on each terminal— everything gets saved to dedicated servers. Tech support can fix all your problems from one place. Less downtime for repairs simplifies your business’ workflow. Your employees and IT personnel get more done in less time.

Looking for the benefits of thin client computing? Want to avoid the hassle? ICS can help. We have offered proven IT support in Houston for over 35 years. Our IT solutions include cloud hosting, VoIP phone systems, and even surveillance. When your business needs reliable support, let ICS take care of your IT needs. Contact us for more info!