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The Strata CIX Series is the IP communication solution for small business. The series includes Strata CIX 40, Strata CIX 100, Strata CIX 200, Strata CIX 670 and Strata CIX 1200. Their simplicity and features provides exactly what is needed for employees and customers. Designed specifically for small businesses, the CIX Series still gives you the ability to upgrade and expand your system as your needs change.

View some of the features of the Strata CIX Series below. If you would like more specific information or just want to know if this is the right system for your business, please call ICS at 1-281-819-5829 and let their knowledgeable staff guide you through the process of finding the system that is right for your business.

System Overview

  • Affordable performance
  • Unique, wall-mountable, modular design
  • 8-24 IP channels for IP telephone connections and IP Strata Net multi-system networking
  • 8-16 digital telephones
  • 4-11 trunks with Caller ID
  • 1-2 analog endpoints
  • Add advanced applications as you need them for Unified Messaging, Call Center ACD and Reporting, CRM integration, Voice Logging, Web-based Personal and System Administration, FeatureFlex feature customization, and more!
  • Add employee stations, telephone numbers, and fax lines with ease
  • Fully upgradeable, protecting your technology investment
  • Supports up to 20 analog trunks (CID available)
  • Supports 2 T1/PRI circuits (46-48 ports)

Cost-Effective Benefits

  • Easily make management decisions by evaluating incoming and outgoing cell patterns.
  • Restrict access to long-distance calls and voice activity.
  • Eliminate long-distances charges by taking advantage of VoIP technology.
  • Set routing commands that direct outgoing calls over the least costly trunk line or lowest long-distance provider.