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Toshiba Will Stop Selling Business Phone Systems May 22nd, 2017

It is unfortunate, but after 43 years, Toshiba will wind down their business phone system division. This is terrible news and will affect a lot of businesses. We have seen similar news with Nortel, Panasonic and even Avaya filed Chapter 11. For more information regarding this closure, please contact ICS (A Toshiba Dealer for 33 years) or continue to read the below article.

What Systems Are Most Affected?

If you have a phone on your desk that looks anything like the below pictures, then you are at the most risk and should contact us to discuss. If you have an older platform, oddly enough, you are at less risk. This is because older systems are on their own network and not part of your IT infrastructure.

Phone Pictures

Toshiba Business Phones Toshiba Business Phones

So What Does This Mean?

News is still trickling in and new announcements will continue over the next few weeks or months. Here is what we know for sure:

  • Toshiba is no longer manufacturing business telephone systems.
  • You can place orders through May 22nd and they will ship it to you if they have it in stock.
  • After May 22nd you can no longer order new systems.
  • It does appear there will be an extended period where you can purchase. licenses beyond May 22nd but we do not have a firm date yet.

Do I Need to Panic and Buy A New System Today?

No, most people do not need to panic, but you do need a PLAN. Over the last decade there has been a huge push to consolidate phone systems to VoIP and to install them on customer’s networks. This means that they now need to have security patches and constant updates to ensure your network continues to function and is secure. Here are some things to think about regarding your current Toshiba.

  • If you have IP phones the system must be on the network. This means firmware updates on the phones and system need to be maintained for security and proper operation.
  • If you use eManager to program the phone system, it will eventually stop working as Windows patches are pushed. Further more, as Microsoft discontinues patches on the operating system it becomes a network security hole.
  • Bought one of the Linux based systems? Well, hackers will start to attempt hacks on these because they know they are not being updated. Eventually, it will become a security vulnerability to you.
  • As software developers update their web browsers, you will eventually lose access to program the system.

What Do I Do Now?

My recommendation is to call ICS at 1-800-9ASKICS or e-mail us at sales@ics-com.net. We will sit down with you and your company and discuss reasonable plans and budgets to transition to another platform and how we can support you in the mean time.

Whether you are in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere else in the United States, ICS is here to assist.

We will need service stock, so the first customers will receive the best trade-in on their equipment. We look forward to hearing form you soon!