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IT companies in San AntonioThere are multiple types of cloud solutions that you can choose from IT companies in San Antonio for your business. In general, cloud computing presents numerous advantages over the traditional alternative. For example, the former choice allows you to reduce IT expenses by eliminating the need to purchase extensive hardware infrastructure. One of the most beneficial cloud computing solutions to consider for your enterprise is the hybrid cloud. This option is ideal because it promotes both privacy and low expenses for commercial computing.

The Basics of a Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud can be defined as the combination of public based cloud services and private cloud servers. These two platforms must be integrated orchestrated to allow workloads to move efficiently between them, according to the needs. For example, a business might move their processes between the platforms due to cost changes and type of computing processes. When you choose these parallel clouds which are accessible through a single hosting architecture, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of both seamlessly.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

There are multiple advantages of choosing hybrid cloud solutions for your company as opposed to traditional or pure cloud hosting. The most significant benefits include:

  • Better Security – One of the main concerns for modern businesses is the possibility of exposure of confidential company data. When you implement a hybrid hosting solution, you will be able to protect your sensitive information in private servers. These have numerous layers of encryption as well as other security measures. The public servers can be used to host non-sensitive commercial data.
  • Higher Data Speed – Public clouds are often busy and this can affect the productivity of the business. Hybrid clouds can resolve this data speed problem and boost the efficiency of the company operations. In simple terms, the private servers which are less busy can be used to process the essential data in the company. This will result in better load times and faster data speed.
  • Lower Costs – Private clouds are faster and more secure than public servers. However, the cost of the former is high and can cause a significant decrease in total revenue. Hybrid cloud solutions from IT companies in San Antonio are ideal because they allow you to control the costs. You will retain the benefits of private servers while enjoying the economical nature of public clouds.

Should You Use Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The decision to migrate your business operations to a hybrid cloud can be difficult. Most company owners, executives, and managers are not sure if their enterprises need this type of IT solution. Fortunately, this hosting platform is not reserved for major corporations only. Your business can benefit if you are planning on expanding.

Simply speaking, hybrid clouds are highly flexible and scalable. You can increase your hosting demands in terms of data storage and general traffic. You will not need to invest in hardware and you will only pay for what you use. Hybrid platforms are also useful for your company if you deal with large customer data bases or develop web-based applications.

To learn more about hybrid cloud solutions provided by IT companies in San Antonio, consult our experienced technicians at ICS today.