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How Much Does Your Downtime Cost?

IT services San AntonioIT services in San Antonio can be absolutely integral in helping your business offset the expenses which come from downtime. Now, big enterprises average downtime expenses at about $100k an hour. That’s probably not going to be the case for your SMB; but then again, it could be close. If you’ve got 100 employees at $20 an hour, then their collective cost is $2k/hour. $100/hour wouldn’t be out-of-line for electricity which such employees must use. Throw in another $100/hour for utilities. Additionally, you’ve got advertising costs to consider, and the sales losses from unexpected downtime. Travel, distribution, R&D, and product development are also operational aspects that could be impacted by downtime.

If you’re a small business of 100 employees, even an hour of downtime could end up being $10k+. If you’ve only got a handful of employees, lost profit, repair, and unproductive time can additionally cost you a grand or more. Also, if you’re unavailable when a “big fish” comes swimming through the purview of your operation, then you could lose a sale necessary for your business to remain profitable.

Offsetting Downtime

Meanwhile, an IT services provider in San Antonio can help you cover such exigencies through security solutions offering failover protection. Basically, database mirroring combined with proactive monitoring and support make it so that if your system goes down, a “mirrored” system can immediately be brought online so that you experience little to no downtime while the issue is resolved. You can expect around 13 hours of downtime annually even if you’re at the top of the corporate food chain. Large or small, if you can cut such downtime in half, then the tech solution you use to facilitate as much has likely paid for itself.

More Secure Operations

An IT services provider in San Antonio can help you avoid the fallout from expected downtime on an annual basis. Contact us at ICS to find out more about downtime-reduction security strategies.