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You have a customer on-hold, but what are they listening to? The calm soothing sounds of silence or elevator music? Why not inform this customer with a carefully crafted on-hold marketing message promoting your products, services or special offerings. You have a captive audience when you have a customer on-hold, but if you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to engage this customer studies show you could loose them in as little as 90 seconds.

By combining music with information you can both educate and entertain your on-hold guests, improving your chances of retaining the customer’s attention and at the same time impart important marketing messages about your company offerings. If you are considering adopting an on-hold marketing campaign you need to select an office phone system provider that understands the technology, equipment, software and production skills needed to provide this service.

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a business phone system provider. Since the goal of incorporating an on-hold marketing strategy is to inform or educate your customers on your company’s products or services where better to look for an office phone system provider then in your local area market.

If you are a business owner in Texas you want to choose a service provider that understands your unique market. As a premier professional business phone system provider in Texasst1:state> your on-hold marketing needs are tailored and your message is crafted based on a thorough understanding of the Texas market we serve.

Another key factor in selecting a Texas office phone system provider for your business is, are they there to support your businesses training, administration, servicing or expanding needs. After all every business is different there’s no one size fits’ all – will they be there when you need them? As a Texas office phone system provider, we are!