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IT companies in San AntonioIT companies in San Antonio offer many different ways to store and access your data. This information is critical for you and your staff to make smart decisions and stay profitable. It needs to be readily available, quick to access, and secure. The right data storage solution for your company is scalable and cost effective as well. Finding the right solution seems overwhelming, yet a competent IT service provider can help you find the best data storage system for your business.

Data Requirements

The first step in solving your data storage problems is to address what it is you really need. In most cases, it is much more than you thought. On the surface, your data access needs seem pretty basic, but to really capitalize on all of your information, you need more performance than your system can provide.

Big Data and the Internet of Things are causing huge data resource strains in almost all industries. Pharmaceuticals, medical fields, and financial advising are all becoming saturated with large scales of data. Without the right speed and capabilities, these businesses aren’t able to make the most of the data they have.

The Cloud

If you are looking at IT companies in San Antonio, you may have heard of the cloud. In short, these companies offer offsite data services. Your company’s data is stored and ran on a remote server, which is taken care of by the IT service provider. This solution has some great benefits. Your company gets the newest servers with the most up to date software, all the upkeep and operational costs are handled by the service provider, and it gives your company an offsite backup.

All of these are great reasons to use cloud services, but there are some drawbacks. For some locations, the external network speed is not fast enough. This limitation causes large datasets to be slow, which reduces efficiency in your data analysis. The coding is also handled by the service provider, and that might not appeal to your company.

Onsite Data Storage

With onsite data storage, your company has more control and quick access to your data. It does mean that your business needs to take on more of the risks associated with running servers, but that is occasionally a fair trade for the increased control. Onsite data storage is also very difficult and costly to scale up when your company outgrows its current needs.

Hybrid Solutions

Neither cloud-based solutions nor onsite solutions provide the perfect answer. For many companies, the solution lies somewhere in the middle. By using onsite data storage, the data you need to access regularly is quickly available. Your IT staff can provide in-house coding, and your control of the data is not impacted. Archives, backups, and even alternate access points through the cloud let your business use the great features of the cloud, while still maintaining all the benefits of onsite storage.
Your business’ data is power, but to make the most of it, you need to have the right data storage solution. There are many IT companies in San Antonio that can help you navigate your options. At ICS, we offer a range of data solutions for your company. Contact us today to learn more.