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The Cloud’s Here to Stay

managed services San AntonioA managed services provider (MSP) in San Antonio help you differentiate between technology that’s of the “flash-in-a-pan” variety–that is to say, ephemeral–and technology that has staying power. Cloud computing is a kind of technology that is vetted by many as longstanding, and for good reason: it’s used internationally at practically every level of business, from the individual to the corporate enterprise.

The cloud’s first permanent place in the market came in the early nineties, and for over 20 years, it’s been expanding in momentum–almost like a massive cumulonimbus slowly increasing in size as it moves toward you from some western horizon.

The industry will be worth more than $160 billion by some estimates as of 2020. It’s getting to the point where cloud computing is less an innovation and more a standard. Accordingly, migrating operations to the cloud makes good sense. However, there are ways which are better than others to accomplish this thing. If you’re going to migrate your operations to the cloud, you want to do it right.

Making the Switch Effectively

A managed services provider in San Antonio can help you to avoid common mistakes as regards cloud computing migration. Additionally, they can help you to expedite the process. Some businesses will be small enough that the transition can be made over a weekend, whereas some may require most of the year to make the transition. You’ll need to take stock of your business and determine that which is most important.

Different businesses will have different areas of importance as regards migration. Working with the right MSP in terms of migration consultation is essential. Such organizations can go over your business with a fine-toothed comb and even help qualify areas of migration.

Something else to consider here regards security and access privileges. Some proprietary information is so sensitive that it should perpetually remain “in-house”, as it were; while at the same time, the primacy of infrastructural technology is better hosted via cloud. Additionally, operational solutions through the cloud can be facilitated in terms of software as well as data analysis. Big Data utilizes cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) to build a digital picture in real-time which can be acted upon for greatest profitability.

Making the Switch

Managed services in San Antonio from ICS can help your business remain as efficient as possible. The cloud trend has yet to reach its fullest maturity, but it has overcome initial “bugs” and has greater sustainability than it has. Getting involved now makes sense. Contact us now to determine what cloud options will best fit your business and the best way to make the migration.