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managed services San AntonioAs we enter the season of ghouls and goblins, don’t let the ghosts of old tech haunt your business. VOIP telephony is just one of the managed services in San Antonio that can put new life in your business.

Even small businesses can benefit from the functionality that, until recently, was only possible using traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) platforms. Even years after Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) revolutionized business telephony, many businesses continue to be dragged down by the encumbrances of PSTN.


The relatively low cost of long-distance calls via the Internet is perhaps the biggest benefit of VOIP, as well as the easiest for most companies to understand. After all, most people by now have become accustomed to using Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms to make phone calls over the Internet.

The cost benefits don’t end there, however. The provision of internal telephone lines and extensions in an office is much cheaper using VOIP than PSTN. And, where two or more separate locations need to be trunked together to give seamless intra-office telephony, the cost disparity is compounded.

PSTN requires dedicated telephone lines both within an office and between the office and the outside world. VOIP requires only a compliant computer network, which most offices have by now.

Management and Reporting

In any thriving business, competent monitoring, reporting, and management of corporate resources are vital. With a sophisticated VOIP installation, an organization enjoys a level of granularity in reporting and management that is defined by the organization’s needs rather than those of the telephony provider, as is typically the case with PSTN.

Power and Flexibility

Traditional PSTN installations tend to lock an organization into an expensive, proprietary platform. VOIP uses standard, off-the-shelf hardware and software. Expanding a PSTN installation can be difficult and expensive; or, where old equipment is deployed, impossible. With managed services in San Antonio, expanding VOIP tends to be a simple case of provisioning the resource and increasing the available bandwidth.


With PSTN, adding, removing, and moving lines, extensions, staff, and locations can be a slow, time-consuming affair. It tends to be costly in terms of the actual provisioning as well as administration. With VOIP, the same work is generally easier (and cheaper!) by several orders of magnitude.

In-House versus Hosted/Managed

With traditional PSTN services, only one option is available: installation and management of an in-house copper-wire PSTN system. With rapid advances in broadband Internet access, today’s business has the option of both in-house VOIP and hosted/managed VOIP. That’s right: a business’s VOIP service can be provided in the cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Don’t Get Stuck With a Horror Story

Many areas of telephony can be difficult to understand. It can be hard to keep tabs on what’s state of the art in VOIP. Don’t allow the complexity of the technology to prevent you from enjoying the corporate telephony benefits of managed services in San Antonio. ICS can help you understand how VOIP can empower your business at all levels. Contact us to learn more.