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VoIP Phones Keep Operations Moving During Coronavirus Crisis

Are your phone systems still mired in the dark ages? See how internet-based phones can help streamline communications and speed collaboration for your teams.  

It is a time of growing uncertainty for organizations when it’s unclear whether “business as usual” will return in the near future. With companies encouraging teams to work from home, there are often some technical challenges to be surmounted before this work can be transitioned. While there are a variety of tools available that allow knowledge workers to shift their operations to a remote location, it can be more difficult to line up telecommunications equipment in the same fashion. If you’re still struggling with overflowing voice mail inboxes and misrouted calls, it may be time to upgrade your telephony systems to ensure you have secure, reliable access to your customers and staff during the COVID-19 shelter in place orders . . . and beyond.

VoIP Phones During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Collaboration at the Speed of Sound

Your staff members and customers are just as confused about what’s happening as the rest of the world, and they need to know that you are prepared to continue providing exceptional service during any eventuality. This makes your communication system an integral component of your service offering, even if it’s something that you have rarely considered in the past. With staff members out of the office, they need to be able to capture and retrieve critical messages remotely, helping portray a feeling of continuity to customers even during a period of crisis. Simply routing phone calls to a different location can be difficult if you’re using older PBX platforms as the time requirements for quick reconfiguration can be daunting. More flexible VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or internet phones can be faster and provide a more reliable means of collaboration between team members and customers.

Improve Asset Utilization

If you ever needed a reason to ensure that you’re balancing costs and the resources that you’re using in business, the recent healthcare threats should have underlined the importance of asset utilization. With VoIP phones, you are able to scale your costs based on the number of individuals using the service as well as cutting back on upfront costs. With a recession imminent and the picture of the future unclear, companies are looking for ways to moderate their expansion and create a sustainable path for the future. VoIP phones offer you the flexibility needed in times of uncertainty so you are able to quickly redeploy resources as needed throughout your company.

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