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managed services San AntonioData breaches are at an all-time high, so it is essential to partner with a managed services provider (MSP) in San Antonio that can help you develop a backup strategy. Failure to create a backup plan can result in dire consequences which can lead to mass data loss and ultimately cause a company to go out of business. This scenario can be completely avoided with the use of a quality MSP. Here are three key ways an MSP can keep your data safe and secure:

1. Cloud Services

The use of the cloud continues to expand in popularity and is an excellent solution for companies interested in keeping data out of the hands of cybercriminals. Instead of storing data inside the office, it is uploaded to an offsite cloud server, which is constantly monitored by an IT provider. The information uploaded to the cloud is also protected by encryption, whether the data is being transmitted or stored. Ultimately, the use of cloud services simplifies a data backup strategy as it enables companies to take advantage of the latest technology without overextending employees.

2. USB Devices

Another popular way to store data is through a USB device. A managed services provider in San Antonio can help you secure access to a USB device that can store all of your confidential information without being limited by storage space. These devices are physically connected to the computer and can backup critical information at any moment. Many companies choose to backup data with a USB device while also using cloud services as well. Of course, storing information at an offsite location is key as data backups can be destroyed if the office is damaged in a disaster.

3. Disaster-Protected Options

Many organizations use a disaster-protected storage device as a data backup, which is designed to withstand the effects of natural disasters. These devices are typically created with durable, military-grade materials and can survive floods, fire, and other calamities. The use of disaster-protected storage is an excellent complement to a USB device or cloud storage. An MSP can get you access to the best storage equipment on the market.
Choosing to have a managed services provider in San Antonio is highly beneficial for your business as it allows you to have the best data backup strategies available. Whether you are interested in cloud storage, USB devices, or specialized storage, an MSP can help you determine what technology best meets your organizational needs. ICS is an MSP that helps companies large and small create data backup recoveries. Our IT team will guide you on the best practices and help you decide which plan makes the most sense for your company. Mass data loss can happen at any time, but having an IT provider can keep your data secure. If you are interested in learning more about data backup strategies, you can contact us now and let us set up an appointment to discuss the many advantages of using an IT provider that will help you to develop a backup strategy plan.