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IT services San AntonioIT services in San Antonio come in many forms. There are vendors, interior IT solutions, outsourced solutions, remote solutions, etc. Something that basically characterizes all IT, though, is an approach that is either reactive or proactive. Differentiating between the two is simple: one kind of service stays “on top” of tech management. The other doesn’t fix a problem until a problem develops.

Proactive services will generally serve your business better, but there are situations where reactive solutions are needed for operations. For example, if your business is a “one-man show” and you only have one laptop with a backup drive, you probably don’t need proactive services. The larger an operation gets, though, the more necessary it becomes to get IT support that is proactive. With five or six employees, the losses experienced through computer difficulties only handled in a reactive way will likely be more expensive than the cost of a proactive solution. However, this will differ per company. Five or six employees in a taco truck aren’t using the same kind of IT horsepower as four or five employees in a technology startup are.

High Mileage Computers

When you’re a burgeoning business, there is little that’s more frightening than a sudden tech outage at a critical juncture in operations. You want some kind of failover and IT services in San Antonio that provide cloud solutions can do that for startups which secures them. Remember, Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe you’re not superstitious, but that’s the “purge” holiday of the country. Murphy’s Law has a heyday on Halloween.

You might think of it like this: you could get away with only liability insurance on a single vehicle you own. If you wreck it, you’re out of luck, but it’s something you could get away with. However, if you’ve got a fleet of trucks, you want comprehensive insurance on every one of them, and you want them continuously mechanically maintained.

With a vehicle, if you don’t change the oil from the time you buy it until the engine seizes up, you might get 100,000 miles. Meanwhile, if you proactively monitor the fluids and do preventative maintenance, like oil changes, you can get 500,000+ miles out of any vehicle. You’ve just got to be “on top of it.” IT techs are “on top of it” when it comes to systems maintenance. A defragged hard drive can last for months longer; one that is never defragged may become so glitchy that it’s a waste to operate. System reboots, upgrades, maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization are all necessary for expanding longevity. Patches are necessary for security, and continuous monitoring is also fundamental.

Advantages Consolidated

If you combine it all, such practices extend computer life, increasing ROI. Additionally, proactive benefits include:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Tech
  • Professional Monitoring and Consultation
  • Increased Effective Security
  • Expanded Competitive Edge Via Resource Maximization
  • Increased Simplicity in Scalability

IT services in San Antonio through ICS can give these kinds of advantages to businesses. contact us to optimize your business and conserve resources.