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IT services HoustonOne of the emerging technologies that providers of IT services in Houston must keep their eyes on is edge computing. Companies are starting to take interest in this form of lower cost cloud-based data processing. This technology gets its name from computing conducted at the edge of a network instead of in the middle of a cloud. Here are reasons why edge computing is worth considering:

Why Edge Computing Is Efficient

Unlike traditional computing, edge computing takes place at multiple endpoints. By utilizing these endpoints, data processing can be achieved closer to the resources where they originate. This accelerated process translates into a more cost-effective solution. Due to the multitude of endpoints necessary for this method, however, new security problems arise. Since it can be difficult to secure various endpoints, you need to step up security so that systems are scanned on a regular basis.

Organizations That Use Edge Computing

What type of professionals need edge computing to operate more efficiently? Organizations that rely on Big Data— such as firms engaged in publishing IoT data to clients or the public— will likely view it as more effective for their needs. Another sector that overlaps with IoT is the group of companies that process data for machine-learning purposes. Edge computing is also closely related to smart devices and wireless communications.

The main attraction to this technology, however, is speed, since it bypasses the problem of network bottlenecks. Here are types of organizations that are already using edge computing:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail outlets
  • Logistics providers
  • Iot services
  • Manufacturing factories

The key is practicality. If you need to access surveillance video footage immediately, for example, it’s more helpful to access the video directly from the device than to send the data to the cloud first for processing. The latency involved with sending data to the cloud may not be practical in some cases. Edge computing can take the strain off of bandwidth costs for streaming data to the cloud.

Security for Edge Computing

If you want your IT services in Houston to implement edge computing in a cloud-based infrastructure, they need to monitor the system thoroughly and keep security on edge devices updated continuously. Since data may be monitored outside of the data center, the process relies on an increased trust level among peers, especially when it comes to monitoring sensitive data.

Your IT team must be ready to quarantine edges in your network if they detect any type of breach. This procedure will protect your entire network from being infected with viruses or malware. IT experts also need to stay on top of the condition of sensors and mobile devices to ensure they’re free from tampering. This type of inspection requires training, which typical in-house IT teams can’t provide. Firms using edge computing must also have a secure way with appropriate bandwidth to transmit data from remote devices across the Internet.

Edge computing will likely become a more widely-used technology with the proliferation of IoT devices. Ask your IT services provider in Houston what they know about this time- and money-saving concept. If they’re unaware of it, contact us at ICS to learn more about how it can make your business more practical and efficient.