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Avaya Files Chapter 11- What Now?

If you have an Avaya VoIP phone system, you are probably already aware of the recent news. After years of financial woes and restructuring, Avaya has filed Chapter 11. So, you may be asking, “What are my realistic options?”

Option 1- Risk It with Avaya

If you just purchased your VoIP system, phones are not that important to your business or you have a small deployment that does not take much planning to replace, you may elect to stay with your Avaya phones. If you choose this path, it is still advised to come up with a business plan. There is no guarantee that they will be able to successfully restructure. Even if they do successfully restructure, the service and product innovation will suffer for years to come. Feel free to Contact ICS for budgetary numbers on Mitel VoIP. This is a free service that will allow you to know the options and features available today so that you can plan for tomorrow!

Option 2- Upgrade to a New VoIP Solution

Perhaps you have an old phone system that needs an upgrade anyway? Maybe phones are critical to your organization? Perhaps your company is so large that replacement will take a substantial amount of time? At this point, it would make sense to utilize Mitel’s “Avaya to Mitel” upgrade path to get a new business phone system. Smart and strong manufacturer’s generally have aggressive pricing to increase market share during times like these.

If you are considering the cloud, ICS has a Mitel built cloud solution for your organization. By contacting an ICS account representative, you can receive a free VoIP Assessment that provides you statistics on how well a cloud VoIP system will perform for your organization. Below is an example of the summary report you would receive from this test. ICS can then examine the full report to see what issues you may need to fix BEFORE you implement your new VoIP business system in Houston, Austin or San Antonio.

VoIP Assessment


So Why Mitel VoIP and ICS?

In the fast-changing world of VoIP business systems, it is important to choose reliable, stable providers that can serve you for years to come (Avaya users can attest to this).

ICS and Mitel are both financially stable organizations. Mitel is known for its innovation and growth. ICS is known for its outstanding levels of service and high quality engineers. Whether your company is considering having a VoIP phone system installed in your office or in the cloud, ICS can design the appropriate Mitel solution for your business.

Mitel’s Innovation

Did you know Mitel is the only VoIP telephone system provider that is in all 5 of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants? Below is a chart showing Mitel vs. other VoIP providers. If you are not familiar with Gartner’s research, visit them here.

Avaya and Mitel VoIP Gartner Quadrant


Through Mitel’s innovation and growth, they are leading the industry with over 60 million endpoints deployed!

About ICS

ICS has continued to grow in the VoIP segment. For over 35 years, ICS has provided high quality technologies to businesses. By focusing on solutions that improve organizations, ICS is able to deploy solutions that drive your business’s bottom line. ICS has a strong focus on customer service, training and high-quality engineers so you know that you will receive the customer service you are looking for.

Below is an example of one of our business tracking mechanisms for customer service. This particular method tracks customer service satisfaction with every e-mail that goes through our office. Reach out to an ICS Representative today to engage with a friendly, professional and thorough technology company to handle your needs.

Managed IT Service Levels

Perhaps you need more than a phone system? No problem. ICS is also a provider of Managed IT Support, Data and Voice Cabling, Video Conferencing and Video Surveillance solutions.

Below is a simple white board video explaining our Managed IT services, VoIP business solutions and other services. We would love to hear from you to discuss what we can do for your business. Contact Us today!