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IT services San AntonioIT services providers in San Antonio can help you use marketing resources like WordPress without getting hacked. If you weren’t aware, WordPress has been subject to hacking before, and there are a few reasons for this, which include:

  • Passwords that aren’t appropriate
  • Files and plugins that aren’t up-to-date
  • No security plugins
  • No existing backup solutions

Passwords That aren’t Appropriate

IT services providers in San Antonio advise every organization to make complicated, convoluted, regularly-shifting passwords. People are lazy about password creation because they have to do it so much and they want to easily remember whatever password they’ve designed. Perhaps in an individual’s personal life, this is fine. But when you’re running a company WordPress site, you need to be a little bit more circumspect. Passwords should be no less than eight characters. Include a capital letter, a number, and a special symbol. Additionally, they shouldn’t be easy to guess; like “Passw0rd!”. Also, the password should change at least every month for best security. Contact an MSP to see what’s best for your operation.

Files and Plugins That aren’t Up-To-Date

Technology is always shifting, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. If you don’t stay ahead of it, you’re leaving yourself open to intrusion through digital entropy. If you don’t take care of a house or other property, it will break down over time. Pests, structural degradation, and the weather will perpetually malign it until it’s a shadow of its former self. But you can maintain a building hundreds of years if you’re diligent about its upkeep. Likewise, plug-ins succumb to digital equivalents of the phenomena mentioned before. Plugins like old roofing tiles get out of date and degrade. Newer computational solutions have greater power and can get through old security without any difficulty. Update your plug-ins and update your files so they’re protected using modern encryptions, etc. Partnering with an MSP can be instrumental here.

No Security Plugins

You need to have security plugins of some caliber in action on your site. If you don’t have them, then don’t be surprised if your WordPress blog gets hacked and a bunch of spam makes it impossible to read. You want the latest security solutions for the same reason you want to update other plugins and files. Old security becomes undermined by new hacking techniques. This is something you’ll need to upgrade every few months. An MSP is instrumental in ensuring you’re on a proper upgrade trajectory.

No Existing Backup Solutions

Ensure you install some backup solutions. An MSP can help you use the most effective plugins of this variety. If you don’t have any backup, you need to safeguard yourself. Even the best security can’t overcome concerted attack; computers are man-made, they will have unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Enhancing The Security of Your WordPress Site

IT services in San Antonio through ICS can help you safeguard not only your WordPress account but other areas of your business’s operation as well. Contact us now for cutting-edge technology facilitation of your internal operational situation, as well as that which you manage beyond your company.