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IT companies in HoustonIT companies in Houston can help you ensure that you’ve got all necessary operational areas covered. Unless you work with a professional tech company, you’re likely to miss a few things. This is especially true in terms of cyber liability. It’s not only necessary that your internal IT solutions work as they were designed to, providing your business competitive edge. It’s also absolutely integral that you’re in operational compliance. Part of that is going to involve your tech security. Accordingly, you need to educate yourself pertaining to common misconceptions, and see that you account for them. Several worth noting include:

Size of Business: Small Retailers Aren’t Safe Due to Smallness

IT companies in Houston provide damage control for businesses of all sizes. Did you know that 43% of all cyberattacks are actually aimed at SMBs? There are a few reasons for this, chief among them the common misconception that the size of a business makes it a bigger or more lucrative target. The thing is, a small business often can’t afford the fallout from not paying a ransomware extortion. They’re also less likely to have enterprise-level security. Basically, small businesses are low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals. Cyber liability must be handled by a professional provider for greatest security. At the very least, an internal option should be closely managed.

Traditionally-Sourced Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover Cyber Breaches

Today’s insurance companies aren’t always interested in properly covering clients. Certainly, they wouldn’t express themselves as anything less than “above board”, but the truth is, they’ll back-pedal out of paying a settlement whenever they can. As a result, you’re much less likely to find traditional insurance to meet your needs. Oftentimes, they’ll have provisos which expressly state their lack of coverage for liability issues pertaining to IT infrastructure. If you trust in such companies, they are likely to let you down; it’s better to go the MSP route.

Not Using the Internet Doesn’t Make You Safe

As it turns out, the majority of security breaches among companies tend to be internal. Training can help bridge this gap, but you want that training to happen at regular intervals, as the “goalposts” of security solutions keep changing.

IT companies in Houston, like ICS, can help your business ensure that, in terms of insurance, compliance, and liability, all operations are as secure as they can be. Contact us to determine what kind of security needs will best define your business, and to reduce your vulnerability to cyberattack.