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managed IT services San AntonioManaged IT services providers in San Antonio strive to educate clients as pertains to internal threats because these can be worse than those coming externally. There are a number of reasons internal threats are worse than the external— three prime ones are:

Accidents Happen

Managed IT services providers in San Antonio can help you avoid accidents internally through BDR (Backup and Data Recovery). This facilitates redundant controls so that should something compromise operations, you don’t lose data. A new tech person may incidentally hit a button in the server room that crashes operations, but if you’ve got redundant failover, this will only be a nuisance; it won’t impact operations. The right MSP can help you set such solutions up.

Negligence is Common

A lot of internal security threats result from simple negligence. People are lazy. They’ll post passwords on sticky notes, then leave those notes lying around where any old corporate spy could find them. Additionally, employees will go online and watch videos, download Trojans without intending to, generally compromising your operation through sheer apathy. Education is necessary here and you should have some discipline protocols in place as well.

Maliciousness is on the Rise

Especially if someone gets fired for their own poor performance on the job, you may expect to find certain employees taking revenge. Avoiding this requires instituting preparedness actions which can “quarantine” login credentials or equipment in the event of liquidation. Additionally, you want to reset everything once an employee leaves, so they can’t access your network. Lastly, have internal monitoring protocols to help prevent passive-aggressive chicanery.

Managed IT services in San Antonio through ICS can help you secure your business internally, which will make you better able to withstand external compromises. If you haven’t considered the internal angle, this is integral to total security. Contact us to determine vulnerabilities and facilitate education for your staff to avoid such situations.