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Toshiba’s business phone systems have a solution for every organization regardless of size. Create a pure VoIP system or converge traditional systems with IP technology. Connect from desk to wireless and remote to branch locations, all utilizing mobility and video collaboration solutions. Extend full telephone capabilities to any locations in the world. Strengthen collaboration between HQ and remote locations. Toshiba gives your business the power to do more!

The Strata® CIXT line of communication systems give you the option of mixing and matching technologies based on the needs of your organization. Create a pure VoIP system or take your traditional phone system and converge it on to an IP platform. Learn more about Toshiba’s line of Strata CIX phone systems or call ICS at 1-281-819-5829

Strata CIX SeriesToshiba Strata® CIXT Systems supports 4-11 trunks, 8-16 digital telephones, 1-2 analog devices and 8-24 IP channels.

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