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You wouldn’t think something as simple as outdated cabling would produce network headaches. Though cabling is hidden behind a wall, in the ceiling, or run underground, it too ages and must be replaced.

Your data cabling is the backbone of your entire network, keeping it connected. When the cabling ages, you experience technical issues and failures. Look around your office at the different technologies in use.

Each device needs some cabling for office and network efficiency. That also applies to your IT infrastructure. Quite often, we’ll find problems with systems that stem from these common issues.

  • You have outdated cabling
  • You have low-quality patch cords
  • You have non-compatible cables and connectors
  • You have cabling that does not meet current standards
  • You have cables that were not professionally installed & maintained

Symptoms like these will negatively affect your office environment. Not just with technology, but the frustration your staff goes through trying to work around technical difficulties. To end network headaches and frustrations, contact us. Click the button and schedule a cabling assessment with ICS.

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What Are The Signs You Have Well Managed Data Cabling?

When you go to your office area where your servers are located, you typically see cables running across the floor, up the walls, or dropped down from the ceiling. In some instances, they may come up through the floor. We’ve heard many complaints about how messy server rooms look, and we’d agree.

Professionally managed cabling areas should look like this:

  • Every cable is clearly labeled.
  • High-quality cables get used.
  • High-quality termination connectors get used.
  • Cable trays are never overloaded.
  • All cabling is color-coded for quick identification.
  • Only the necessary length of cable gets used.

As you inspect your cabling area, you may uncover sections not managed correctly. Take a moment and reach out to ICS. To get the process started and keep your devices fully connected, click the button below and book an onsite meeting with an ICS data cabling consultant.

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Is Data Cabling Management Important?

To keep your electronics, computer stations, on-premises servers, wi-fi routers, and telephones fully operational, each requires cabling management. From device creation to final testing, manufacturers of cable dependent devices will always instruct the user to check their connections before use.

The importance behind those instructions is 1) the device was tested in a controlled environment under perfect conditions before its release, and 2) they can only warranty the equipment if used under the same settings. When your data cabling gets managed professionally, those conditions are met and kept.

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