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Innovative IT Strategy Helps Industry Leaders Drive Change

Top CIOs are defining strategy for business transformation through technology. Are you falling behind — or staying ahead of the crowd?  

Are you one of the 70% of companies that have a digital transformation strategy firmly in place or in the works? If so, you know that technology is only a portion of the strategy that needs attention — your people and processes are the other two legs that will determine whether your initiatives are ultimately successful. CIOs are increasingly challenged by a lack of budget and buy-in from senior leadership, making it vital to ensure that your IT strategically holistically encompasses people, processes and technology. Part of that shift is learning which business goals to feature when you are pitching ideas to your peers. While you might be energized by a 15% increase in operational efficiency, what business leaders will want to hear about is how that reduces overall costs and increases revenue opportunities. Altering your IT strategy language based on your audience is one of the ways that leaders in the oil and gas industry can introduce technology that genuinely drives change.

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Ready to Adapt to Digital Disruption?

From IoT to machine learning, digital disruption is here to stay. Congratulations if you’re already taking advantage of the new connections that are available with emerging tech. If you’re not, you can bet that your competitors are! With only 7% of companies boasting a completed digital transformation, there are still plenty of ways to expand your horizons and define IT strategies that will enhance your operations and revenue both now and in the future. Digital transformation is far more than merely a buzzword. It is a fundamental shift in the way senior leadership thinks about your company and your future potential. Yet, with all the focus on futuristic technologies and how they can be implemented, some companies are losing focus on how to optimize core infrastructure. Finding that balance between time spent on internal operations and innovation is a tension that will continue to plague companies with limited internal IT resources and a reluctance to outsource basic operations.

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Creating an environment where technology professionals and business leaders work together to define the future of the organization is one that will be more successful in driving enhanced customer experience and successful digital initiatives. The time for siloed conversations and decision-making is gone — today’s technology leaders must be secure enough in their knowledge to bring business professionals and the scientific community along with IT strategy to gain the most significant possibility for success. New technology introductions in data storage and applications have helped energy companies work through the experimental options for the digital oilfield of the future. With the continual focus on innovation, technology analysts and business professionals alike are needed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Driving digital transformations throughout your organization may start small — or take off as quickly as a gas fire. With the increasingly tight competition and high revenue possibilities, even a tiny increase in efficiency can net significant benefits for your organization. Contact the professionals at ICS Business Technology Services for more information on driving strategic change throughout your organization. You can reach our Houston office at (281) 962-3058, our San Antonio office at (210) 305-4087 or our Austin office at (512) 253-4135 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.