If you have ever experienced the frustration that comes with paying more than you expected for IT service, then it’s time to discover the benefits of flat-fee IT service from ICS. With flat-fee service, you never have to wonder what your investment will be to receive high-end managed IT service.

Benefits of Flat-Feet Managed IT Services In Austin

You Can Now Budget Your IT

If you are like most business owners, you want to know where every dollar you spend is going and if every purchase is a mere cost or an actual investment. As outsourcing IT becomes more important than ever, so does the need to understand how paying for these services will contribute to your company’s growth and security.

Therefore, it is important to get a breakdown of what a company is charging you. If an IT provider charges by the hour or has an overly complex pricing structure, then a technician may never be able to give you a clear picture of how much you are going to spend each month on IT maintenance. Consequently, budgeting for these services can become increasingly difficult.

IT Services In Austin

A flat-fee service, gives you a clear picture of how much you will spend on managed IT services and what you can afford. ICS can help you put together a workable budget and give you a bottom-line figure of how much you will invest to keep your company secure.

No More Surprise Costs

In the past, IT companies could hit you with all types of expenses and costs and justify it by saying things like,
“Well, we didn’t see this coming.”

Those days are behind us.

Managed IT services in Austin like ICS now employ a proactive strategy to maintaining your infrastructure instead of a reactive measure (which often costs far more). We stay twenty steps ahead and anticipate any possible issues that could affect your business continuity, security, or IT stability.

While it is true that emerging technology always presents new challenges, we do not implement this new technology into your IT network until we have a plan in place for handling any possible challenges that the technology presents. We also take a proactive approach to issues such as:

  • IT Services in Austin

    Security Breaches

  • Managed IT Services in Austin

    Natural disasters

  • Austin Managed IT Services

    Power outages

  • IT Freedom Managed IT Services


  • Managed Technology Services

    Business growth and expansion

  • Technology Management Services in Austin


If we can anticipate these problems, then we can put a plan in place for handling them before they ever occur (IF they ever occur). This strategy saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars in putting out fires. How else does this benefit you?

  • It cuts down on repair and security breach costs.
  • You use IT technology that produces high-level results without all the maintenance issues.
  • We can focus our services and products on your specific needs without wasting time, technology, effort, and money.
  • And…

We can offer a simplified flat-fee service and tell you precisely where your investment is going. Through a proactive approach, we can drastically cut down on any guesswork associated with our service – more specifically any problems that will eat into your operating budget.

What Managed IT Services You Are Paying For?

Beyond the surprise costs and the guesswork associated with complicated price structures, you may not know exactly what you are getting for your investment. An IT provider may figure that you don’t anything about networking, data, security, or communication. Therefore, they may not share with you exactly what services they provide or why they provide them.

These days it is imperative that you know what type of service you are receiving from your IT provider. Flat-Fee IT services in Austin are nothing new or unique. However, they are definitely not all the same. Therefore, before you agree to an outsourced service, you need to sit down with an IT consultant and find out what services are available, which services are valuable, and which services are absolutely vital.

What IT components should you consider?

  • Managed IT services. This is a generalized service that encompasses everything from monitoring your system and providing upgrades to security, cloud services, and communication services.
  • Cloud services. Companies now offer custom cloud hosting, monitoring, and security. You have an endless array of options for cloud services.
  • Business phone systems. One of the primary communication systems that businesses have adopted is VoIP. Phone systems include voicemail, call recording systems, and structured cabling and entail useful features such as video conferencing, mobile services, call-forwarding, conference calling, and other popular features – all available through a digital cloud platform.
  • Unified messaging. Unified messaging integrates various forms of communication such as fax messaging, email messaging, and voicemails into a single unified system accessible from MS Outlook or individual advanced interfaces.
  • Customer support. While support look different in each company, all companies have some type of customer support. Most IT companies offer both in-house and remote help center support. Although the technology side of IT is vital to your business, you will come to appreciate the quality of customer service more than any other aspect. Therefore, find out what part of customer service you will pay additional for.

Flat-Fee IT services in Austin can bundle these services into a manageable bottom-line fee that makes sense to you.

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