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On-Site Tech Support Without All The Expense

One of our existing clients wanted full-time on-site tech support, but they didn’t want to pay for it. This technician needed to manage not only their day-to-day IT tasks but handle IT projects for their new locations. They also needed them to handle IT strategy as well.

With ICS, they got all of that (and more) for a fixed monthly fee. Do you need on-site tech support?

Why Should You Get On-Site Tech Support From An IT Company Instead Of Hiring A Tech?

Having on-site tech support doesn’t require hiring one. Today you can find qualified help from an IT services company at an affordable fixed monthly fee for full-time on-site tech support. What are the benefits you’ll gain from on-site tech support?

On-Site Tech Support Offers Predictable Costs

You pay a predictable, fixed monthly fee for the on-site tech support for which you contract. With everything else you must pay for, you don’t need to worry about large, unexpected expenses.

You’ll benefit from expertise in IT security technologies, meeting IT compliance requirements, networking, and systems, and designing and managing cloud infrastructures from AWS, Azure, and Google.

If your needs change along the way, they can be accommodated. The commitment is to make sure you have the on-site tech support you need.

On-Site Tech Support Means No Costly Benefits

You won’t have to pay for employee benefits like Social Security contributions, retirement benefits, health insurance, vacation and sick leave and more. It’s like having the best of both worlds. You’ll have all the IT services and expertise you need without all the overhead.

Plus, you’ll never be shorthanded. No more waiting for an IT employee to come back from vacation or time away due to illness. You’ll always have the on-site tech support that you need.

On-Site Tech Support Provides Up-To-Date IT Expertise

You’ll have the experience of a full team of IT professionals. If the on-site tech support you’re paying for needs particular expertise, your IT support company will have someone on their staff who can pitch in.

As your company grows and technology evolves, you must stay on top of emerging technologies and best practices. The right IT Service & Security Company make sure that their team of technicians are always up on the latest software, hardware, and cybersecurity solutions.

On-Site Tech Support Helps With IT Strategic Planning

Your on-site tech support can work with you to develop an IT plan that will grow as your business does. Your IT company will provide an onsite tech who can help you develop a technology plan that will grow as your business does.

Their breadth of experience with companies like yours educated them on the best, right-sized solutions from many possible vendors. This service comes with your outsourced on-site tech support too, so you’ll always have the technology and support you need to get the job done as your company expands and grows.

On-Site Tech Support Offers Additional Cybersecurity Support

Cybersecurity is a growing concern with all companies today. Just one data breach can cost you over a million dollars, damage your reputation, and in a lot of cases, put you out of business.

But with on-site tech support, you can take advantage of all the latest new security protocols.

Your onsite technician can move your IT to a managed, enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, data leak prevention, encryption, two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, single sign-on solutions, and much more.

He can also set up regular employee security awareness training to teach your team how to spot and avoid phishing attacks.

Plus, he can regularly and conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, so you’ll always have the highest level of IT security.

On-Site Tech Support Is Scalable

You can scale the hours of service you need up or down as your business requirements change. If you need two onsite techs during a busy time, you can contract for this.

You’ll have IT services and support on an as-needed basis. You can use on-site tech support for a set period of time.

You’ll have the service, and IT support you need when technology problems crop up that no one else can resolve or handle. And, you’ll benefit from an IT professional with years of industry experience.

On-Site Tech Support Understands Your IT

With an IT professional there each week, they’ll keep up with the inner workings of your technology and will be able to troubleshoot problems more easily because they understand your system in and out.

They’ll also understand your operations, workflow, and what technology individual staff members need to do their jobs. If Jason in accounting needs a new program to do his financial reports, your on-site tech support will be there to help decide the right course of action. It’s like having a specialist instead of a generalist working on your network and IT solutions.

On-Site Tech Support Keeps Your IT Up To Date

Software patches and updates will be applied as they should to prevent security vulnerabilities that can let hackers in.

Your on-site tech support will also be in charge of keeping your licenses up-to-date and ensuring that you stay abreast of any needed hardware upgrades.

If you need new hardware, they’ll know what you require and can shop around and find the best deal for you; whether this means purchasing new equipment or leasing it through a Hardware-as-a-Service agreement, so you won’t have to spend your capital reserves, and you can write off the lease as an operating expense.

On-Site Tech Support Offers IT Consulting

Do you have questions about which Electronic Health Record or Customer Relationship Management solution is right for your organization? Do you need some training on the software programs your staff uses like Microsoft Office 365?

You’ll have on-site tech support on standby who can help you find the right new computers or the perfect software solution. On-site tech support experts can also teach your staff how to get the most out of your technology.

Why Choose On-Site Tech Support?

Because it delivers all the benefits of on-site tech support, with none of the downsides. You don’t have to hire, compensate, or manage your IT support – an IT company like ICS will do it for you.

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