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LifeSize is a division of Logitech specializing in midsize and large enterprise video capture and teleconferencing solutions. Based in Austin, TX, LifeSize has over 9,000 customers, including those in such diverse sectors as: energy, financial, healthcare, media, recruiting, manufacturing, and public services for federal, state, and local governments. LifeSize works with partners in over 80 countries and has employees stationed in 14. The backbone of the LifeSize system is their high definition video that makes video conferencing as real-to-life as face-to-face communication. LifeSize systems are developed to work with the best possible quality no matter the bandwidth available in the network. The only aspect to meet LifeSize quality is their affordable pricing. Take a look at some of the products and solutions manufactured by LifeSize below or call the sales staff of ICS at 1-281-819-5829.